How do you make a virtual event interesting?

As more and more businesses pivoted to virtual events in recent times, the competition surrounding them has exponentially increased. Today we see many virtual event platforms delivering the best features according to the market demands. But is selecting the platform enough to make your event stand out effectively in 2021?

Of course, it is not enough! There is so much more before you kick off with your virtual event. For starters, how will you attract participants if your content is not interesting and engaging? So to eliminate the tension, we have mentioned some thrilling ways to make your event exciting and worth trying! Time to get started!

Social photo booth

Earlier when traditional events were greatly in-demand, clicking photos for the event memory was so much doable. But except for the look and feel of the event, the other things remain the same in a virtual event. Now you can have a phenomenal photo booth at your virtual event too. Ask your service provider to give you personalized templates. These templates come from a different set of backgrounds making it more fun for the attendees. Apart from that, attendees can also capture videos, make fun GIFs, and share the images at their social media accounts.

Leaderboard Challenge

Yet another excellent way to make virtual events interesting is by adding a leaderboard challenge. This will boost engagement and motivate attendees to participate more to gain reward points. A leaderboard also gives a sense of competition among other attendees while also allowing them to explore the overall platform. To intensify the challenge, you can declare exclusive prizes for the attendee who gets the maximum points in the event.

Sponsored sessions

Sponsors are an integral part of online events. For you to reach maximum attendees, allow sponsors a slot to conduct a session regarding their brand and new products they are willing to offer to a wide audience. This benefits both parties equally as sponsors get to showcase their latest offering to a wider segment of the audience while you as an organizer get to invite and connect with more people within the platform.

While creating a session for your sponsor, help them draft a message that stimulates the objective behind hosting an event and also enables them to highlight their offerings as well. This will make sure that the sponsored sessions are advantageous to all investors.

Custom avatars

Including an avatar at your virtual event can be a great way to excite your virtual participants as this might be a completely new experience for them. This also means you provide better engagement on your platform. A place where participants can communicate, and customize their look as per them can thoroughly hook them at your event for life long, isn’t that fascinating? This gives attendees a more personalized experience.

Pre-recorded sessions

If your platform elevates pre-recorded sessions of your keynote speakers at your event then it’s definitely a cherry on the top. How? Well, incorporating a session recorded ahead of time can permit you to edit and add additional graphics which saves time and energy during the event. This virtual event idea eliminates the room for any error to occur while enabling the organizer to curate the highest quality broadcast.

On-demand sessions

Many times, due to time zone differences attendees are unable to attend your event. But does that mean we compromise on our valuable participants? Absolutely not. This virtual event idea enables a host to increase the time limit of an event even after the event is concluded. This means attendees who were unable to join the session can conveniently watch the session from the start or skip to the part that they want to catch. Besides that, keeping an on-demand session can also offer qualified lead generation even after the event has ended! How exciting is that?

Sponsored giveaways

A great way to tune in to more sponsors and enhance audience participation is by conducting sponsored giveaways. They provide attendees an opportunity to win exciting prizes offered by the sponsors. This maximizes engagement while also a sense of competition among the participants as the winner gets gifts and sponsors get to reach more audiences globally at the end of the session.

Engaging session tracks

As we know, hosting an event in a virtual environment comes with a lot of complicated challenges for event organizers. It is important to take majors that remove all the tension and curate an engaging session of all time. Distraction is one of the basic elements that might take place and you may lose attendance. To avoid that, engaging session tracks can be your savior! How? Well, a seamless session track permits any attendee to walk through the event agenda and pivot only those they are interested in. This will allow attendees to stay longer at your event while offering you valuable feedback after the session ends.

Ask your event provider to incorporate AI-powered matchmaking functionality at your event that allows attendees to interact with people having a similar ideology as them. This will provide an opportunity for attendees to focus only on the track or navigate between them to personalize the experience they want to take away from your virtual event.

Over to you

The impact of COVID-19 was massive, especially on the event industry. But as time passed, virtual and hybrid events became more and more prevalent and will continue to be in the limelight in the coming years. 2020 taught us many important lessons, one among all is adapting to the fast-evolving era and living in a world where things keep on changing and upgrading.

To keep up with the new normal, it is vital to transform ourselves into a digital environment. It’s for the best as the world is only moving forward with new technologies coming our way, we need to buckle up. Fortunately, with these top ideas listed above, you can definitely make your next virtual event fun and interesting. Ensure that you follow every step wisely to curate a successful event of all time!

Happy hosting!

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