How Has Technology Changed Education?

Learning and teaching have gone through numerous changes over the centuries. If you look at modern times and the ways in which students get the needed information and lectures, it’s fascinating how some of them don’t make the most of it and use all the availability to their advantage. From quicker access to information to a broader spectrum of data at our disposal, technology has advanced immensely, offering us gem after gem that helps us learn better.

Quicker access to information

From our standpoint, technology has completely redefined how we live and learn. With the invention of the internet came much better access to information. Internet search engines offer access to any piece of information you might need 24/7. Going to the library is no longer imperative if you want to work on a project because internet libraries have a rich catalogue of articles, books and science pieces that you can look up from the comfort of your home. Thanks to technological advancements, studying on the go is now a reality for many students. You can learn about the Arctic and follow an expedition online from your classroom in Europe, whilst soaking in the information and experience first-hand. Communicating with teachers and students in a foreign country is also much easier thanks to technology as all you need to do is connect online and start a video call via Skype or Zoom and they’re right in front of you with all the info you need.

Remote learning

Remote learning has become a reality in the previous two years, with COVID-19 raging worldwide. The fact that you can attend a lecture without being in the same room with a teacher is remarkable. What’s more, both of you can be at your homes and conduct a course without any interruption. All you need is a video camera and a computer. An advancement like that offers opportunities for people to learn about everything they are interested in with minimal to no limitations. Research is done more conveniently nowadays as technology advancements allow us to browse faster and more efficiently via the internet. Teaching a foreign language is also more convenient now that you can teach from your home to an online classroom full of students who live in different parts of the world.

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Broader spectrum of data

Preparing exams and degrees is more convenient thanks to technology. Now, instead of asking your peers for their notebooks if you missed out on lectures, you can easily find the lessons in online notes. Many universities, including the University of Otago, will upload approved students’ notes into their online library and allow you to write your papers with the right help from reviewed and approved sources. Relying on Otago study notes is much better than looking for numerous side notes from other students because you will find all the data you need online in their library. Later, students can join online forums and discuss the lessons they’ve listened to or read and exchange opinions with people worldwide. Seeking information or guidance from foreigners is also more accessible now that you can contact a friend or a fellow student who lives halfway across the world.

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Higher-quality teaching aids

The blackboard is no longer the only visual representation of the current lecture. Throughout the years, projectors and computers have done fascinating work at offering students high-quality classes and interaction as often as possible. Interactive boards and computers introduced an entirely new dimension of learning, offering students more thrilling courses. Electronic copies of books and notes prevent students from carrying heavy weight to classes. Now, they can store all books and notes safely on their electronic devices. Teachers can rely on YouTube and other similar sites to bring the lectures closer to students and teach more descriptively. Presenting information is hassle-free now with the use of animation software and PowerPoint presentations. The more interactive a class, the fewer bored students, which leads to increased attendance rates.

More room for expressing creativity

Have you noticed how many more creative opportunities technology offers? People studying music and design have so many new gadgets to work on and express their creativity. From the touch screens and tablets to software that transfers your music notes onto the screen and creates a sheet with an entire composition are just some examples of technological advancements that make learning so much more enjoyable. It offers us the opportunity to advance more every day and look for new ways to express our creativity in the best manner. There’s no need for pen and paper anymore when you have interactive gadgets that replace both, whilst adding a better experience with built-in tools and programs.

Technology has completely reshaped the way we learn and teach. Thanks to so many breakthrough innovations, students’ lives will never be the same again. Their education is now more attainable than ever, as they have access to all the information they need and can learn in interactive environments. There are no more excuses for not wanting or not being able to study when everything is practically laid out in front of you, waiting for you to pick it up.

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