How jewellers can ensure the safety of their goldsmith?

Goldsmiths are essentially metal workers who specialize in working with precious metals such as gold or platinum. Today they mainly work on jewellery pieces and create ornaments such as rings, necklaces etc. They use a variety of tools such as drawplates and rolling mills to create stunning pieces. Usage of such tools and the workshop may create hazards for the workers and hence jewellers must take certain precautions.


This is the systematic cleaning of surfaces and floors of the workshop. Dusting, vacuuming and cleaning dirty surfaces is a general activity that must be carried out. This is general maintenance to ensure that germs and dirt are not allowed to accumulate so that the people working there don’t fall sick.

Metal composition

The metals used in jewellery making could have certain elements that aren’t good for the workers. Exposure to such elements could harm their health. Thus, jewellers must focus on the composition of such metals and make sure that the workers don’t risk hazardous exposure. Plus, adequate safety and care must be taken to dispose of the chemicals and materials used while making jewellery.

Appropriate gear

Appropriate gear involves clothing and apparatus necessary for working in environments that could be harmful. It can be described as being prepared for contingencies. Chemicals and metal residues may get on a worker’s clothing or skin and hence, jewellers must make sure that they provide adequate gear for protection. For example, aprons or overalls can make a huge difference in safety. Safety glasses and face shields should be kept to use as needed when performing daily work.


Workshops can often become stuffy and jewellers must make sure that the space has adequate ventilation. If in case fumes are generated for any reason, the space must be such that the fumes exit the space as fast as possible. This can be done if the workspace has good ventilation.

Ultimately, goldsmiths are craftsmen and workers who are skilled and can create exceptional pieces. They have the required knowledge to work with metals and can mould them to form shapes. They also understand the dos and don’ts of using metals and stones. They can look at a stone and comment on what type it is. For example, they could even observe lab grown diamonds rings and still make correct comments.

Pure gold, such as 24-carat gold cannot be made into jewellery because it’s too soft. This piece of knowledge can only come from experienced goldsmiths who have worked with the metal extensively. They will also know what other types of metals (impurities) can be used to mix in the 24-carat gold, make it 22 carats and then make jewellery.

Gold can be hammered into sheets or drawn into wires to create intricate designs. It is quite impossible to use 100 per cent pure gold to grasp diamonds tightly. In order to make a strong diamond ring, one would have to mix some parts of another metal. If you look at good jewellery markets and make purchases like Hatton Garden engagement rings, then undoubtedly you will find good workmanship. Good jewellers make sure that their workforce is inspired and safe.

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