How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Companies Usually Charge?

Many companies have recently returned to the office or plan to at the beginning of 2022. That means that business owners and building managers have to start thinking about how to keep their employees safe.

Partnering with commercial cleaning companies is one of the best ways that you can keep your office well-sanitized.

The question is, how much does it cost to hire a commercial cleaner? What can impact the cost of your cleaning contract?

Read on to find out how much you can expect to pay when hiring a commercial cleaning company to clean your business.

What Is the Average Cost of Commercial Cleaning?

On average, it costs between $140 and $300 to hire a commercial cleaning company to perform a deep cleaning of your commercial space. However, even this average does not reflect every price point you may encounter. Some people may be able to find a company that charges as little as $80 for a deep cleaning.

What Can Affect Commercial Cleaning Prices?

Why does the cost of commercial cleaning companies vary so greatly? There are several factors that can impact the cost.

For starters, the cost of a one-time cleaning will typically reflect the cost of living in your region. It’s not uncommon for commercial cleaning to cost more in large, metropolitan areas than it does in smaller or more rural areas.

It’s also worth noting that most commercial cleaning companies charge by the square foot. In other words, it would cost more to clean a 4,000 square foot space than a 1,000 square foot space.

Finally, the cost is often impacted by the type or frequency of services that you book. Many cleaning companies will offer a discount per cleaning session if you book several in advance.

Why Is Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies Worth the Cost?

When it comes to a clean work environment, safety is the biggest priority. Keeping your workspace sanitized and disinfected can lower the chances of contracting a virus or other respiratory problems.

However, safety isn’t the only reason that hiring an office cleaning service is worthwhile. Many people find that it’s easier to stay focused and positive when the environment around them is clean and tidy. A clean workspace is a productive workspace.

Plus, hiring a cleaning service can actually save your company money in the long run. By taking care of things like your furniture, carpeting, and blinds, you save yourself the cost of having to replace them prematurely.

Partner With a Commerical Cleaning Company

Are your employees back in the workplace? Are you getting ready to make the transition away from remote work? If so, partnering with commercial cleaning companies is the best way to prepare your work environment and keep it safe for your employees–and it’s always worth the cost.

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