How To Avoid Relapsing

If your goal is to recover from substance abuse, there are plenty of resources you should consider. But if you want to avoid relapsing for good, you’ll need to take control over your life and think positively as much as possible. With the right ideas and information, you can succeed in drug rehab as long as you follow these steps.

Stay away from dangerous areas

Some parts of many major cities have higher crime rates due to poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Your best bet is to stay away from unfamiliar areas. If your drug dealer hangs out at your favorite movie theater, stay at home and watch Netflix or go elsewhere. Should specific areas remind you of times you were getting high or in trouble, stay away. Your recovery from substance abuse is more important than a single friendly location.

Use local resources to find support

The truth is, you don’t want to be alone while battling an addiction to substances. You need people to talk with, places to go to have fun, and the names of organizations where you’ll get support. Plenty of this information can be found by visiting your local health department or speaking with the counselors from drug rehab. The more resources you have, the better your chances are of avoiding relapse.

Take public transportation to avoid temptation

The more time you spend on the street, the higher your chances of wandering into trouble. Use public transportation to your advantage to save money and get to places much quicker. Public transportation will also allow you to access various aspects of your support network, so when you feel like trying drugs again, you can quickly be somewhere better and safer. Talk with your counselors or support staff to get help using public transportation.

Get a job

You’ll need money, something to do to pass the time, and a sense of empowerment. The good news is, all that comes from getting a job in your community. By joining the ranks of the employed, you’ll have more opportunities to focus on positive and constructive endeavors over your drug abuse. So, touch up your resume, learn decent interviewing skills, and you’ll be ready to make money and be drug-free at the same time.

Help others when you’re ready

At some point in your recovery journey, you may realize that perhaps life will be okay. Whether that means you’ve secured employment, started a relationship, or moved to a new town, there will be people you know or don’t know who could benefit from hearing your story. Have you ever thought about becoming a sponsor or drug addiction specialist? Even working as a peer helper can prevent you from relapsing as you now know that someone more important than you relies on your help. After you’ve left drug rehab, get your life together first, then look for opportunities to help others if you decide that’s a good idea. Someone will be glad you cared so much.

Drug rehab in Los Angeles isn’t the most exciting place to be. But after you’ve finished the program, you’’ now be in a position to stay on track in life so long as you don’t relapse. Over the years, you’ll experience intense cravings and maybe suffer a bout of withdrawal symptoms. Yet, you still gain the strength to try and stay clean again. If you want to avoid relapsing, all you need is the right attitude and the right resources and you’ll be in a position to succeed.

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