What Are The Steps Of An Opioid Treatment Program? How Long Does It Take?

Opioid addiction is one of the leading drug issues of our nation today. The fatality rate is sky high, and the number of people getting addicted is rising every year. Treatment is available, but most are hesitant because they think these programs won’t work or are frightened at the change they will bring. Opioid treatment programs want to give you a better life and help you heal from the hurt and pain you are experiencing because of your addiction. As such, they provide structure and healing where you need it the most.

Beginning At Detox

Detoxification begins so that your body is not being contaminated with the drugs and so that you can heal safely from coming down. When you attempt this yourself, you could flatline or have seizures. These two may seem like extreme examples, but it happens more than you think. The process should never be attempted on your own. On the other hand, a team knows what to do and how to guide you through the detoxification stage as best as you possibly can.

Opioid Treatment Programs Offer Residential Care

A residential program is a fantastic opportunity for you to rid your life of substance abuse. Opioid treatment programs offer this so that you are in a closely monitored environment that allows you to recuperate healthily from the detox. In addition to this, you will be able to manage your cravings, stabilize your body, and have a recovery area free of everything that is causing you harm.

Partial Hospitalization Lets you Live At Home

With partial hospitalization, you have the option of living at home or what is known as a sober home. You will attend a group during the day, and they have access to therapists for you and counseling. That creates a safer place to talk about your feelings while experiencing a more independent life. That plays an important

Outpatient Programs Can Be Intensive Or Less So

Less intensive outpatient programs allow you to come and spend a few hours in the facility. You have the option of a professional team in your life, and they will teach you about managing your triggers. That will help you avoid any relapses in the future. In addition to this, you can learn how to set long term-recovery goals.

Intensive outpatient treatment is an option that you can take when the residential portion is finished. This is considered a vital step into moving on to independent living. Group therapy and individual sessions play a significant role. You will learn about fostering healthy relationships, avoiding relapsing, and living alone during your time here. You will find, though, that you spend most of the day working or going to school.

Opioid Treatment Programs Will Change Your Life Forever

At a minimum, you should know that you will stay in treatment for a few months. However, depending on your level of addiction, you could be staying for a year or more. However, you need to understand that this is to heal your body and save you from permanent damage in the future. Research has proven that you will have a better chance of healing when you have a more extended treatment length. However, one vital thing you need to remember is that there truly is no predetermined length of treatment.

That is for a good reason. Everyone is their person, and as such, you will heal at your own pace. Don’t hold yourself accountable for what others are doing or their healing rate. Instead, put your focus on yourself and try your best.

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