How To Choose Wig?

Looking good and feeling beautiful is unbelievable! It makes you feel like you can achieve all your dreams and conquer the world!

When your hair looks luscious, healthy, and perfectly styled, you know you’ve got it!

Choosing the right wig is part of ensuring your hair looks beautiful at the office, at cocktails and on a night out!

Perhaps you are buying a wig because you want to change your personal style, or you have seen Hollywood glamour on the red carpet? The fact is, you have decided to take the first step and get a stunning wig that will compliment your looks and personal fashion style.

Finding the right wig is important, yet it could also be a challenge for a beginner or first-time wig buyer. We have the best advice for you on how to get those Hollywood looks,headband wig is a good wig to choose at unice.

Have you noticed that most celebrities wear wigs? That is how they have perfectly styled hair all the time! Now you too can look naturally beautiful every day!

Choose the right wig material

To achieve the style, you want you need to ensure you choose a wig made with the right hair texture and material. It is always recommended that you purchase a human hair wig because it will give your hair that natural bounce. If you want to have a fun wig for nights out then you can go for a synthetic fun styled wig.

The type of wig material will determine how long your wig lasts, for example a synthetic wig will last around 6 months but a properly cared for, high quality human hair wig can last up to 2 years.

Human hair wigs will give you that perfect style that you can wear to the office and to exclusive dinner parties. Nothing can beat a perfectly styled and colored human hair wig!

Suitable price

Wigs come in a range of prices. This is how you can determine what type of wig you should choose. The higher the density of hair on the wig the more expensive the wig will be.

How do you generally wear your hair? If you have fine hair you must look at purchasing a wig that has a density of 130% to 150%, this will provide you with a similar look to your natural hair. If your natural hair is thick and luscious then you need to select a human hair wig with a density of 190% to 250&.

The rule of thumb is the higher the density of the hair on the wig the higher the price. Using this basic system, you can determine what density wig is suitable for your budget. There is always a wig to suit your specific needs in our range of premium wigs.

Hair length

Your hairstyle length is a great way to determine what density wig you must buy. The different hair lengths will look different, depending on the hair density of the wig. High density wigs are ideal for long straight hairstyles like Kim Kardashian wears. Low density wigs are ideal for short hairstyles, and you can opt for a coarser texture. Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and her short versatile hair wig can be the ultimate look you want to achieve.

Short wigs are better for hot or humid climates and are more affordable. Medium hair wigs are easy to maintain, versatile and quicker to style.

Whatever length you decide to purchase, our range has the highest quality premium wig to suit you!

Wig cap size

Choosing the right size cap is imperative as a properly fitted cap will give you the freedom to live your lifestyle, whether you wear it jogging or to work. If your cap fits snuggly around your head you will never have to wonder whether your wig is sliding off to the side as it will be secure.

Here are some tips on measuring for your wig cap size:

  • Pull any loose hair away from your face
  • Take a tape measure around the back of your head from the base of your skull, then pull the tape just above your ears and bring it to the center of your forehead. This measures the circumference of your head.
  • Now, place the tape above your left ear and pull the tape over the top of your head towards your right ear. This measures your ear-to-ear distance.

Choose right brand

Once you have determined what style, density, color, and hair type you want you need to ensure that you buy the right brand.

The brand of your wig is extremely important as this will give you peace of mind that you are buying a quality product from a reputable brand that will give you customer support. Buying a wig is an investment and you need to invest in a trustworthy brand that cares about the quality of the wigs they provide.


Once you have carefully gone through our wig choosing tips you will find that you are more knowledgeable and assured as to which wig is best for you. All that is left to do is make the selection and order your perfect wig.

You’re going to love your new look and style once you have chosen the right wig, your self-confidence will be boosted, and you will be ready to enter a new world! A new world where you are the queen of your kingdom!

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