How to Deal with June Google Core Update?

When people hear about the new update of Google, they go into a panic. Its reason is that they are following specific SEO strategies to get a higher ranking in Google. When they hear about new updates, they go into a panic because they don’t know whether these SEO strategies will work or not. Anyhow, the June Google Core update 2021 will affect the businesses and their clients in the market. Its reason is that it deals with page experience along with Core Web Vitals. Moreover, Google will not use the badge icon of the mobile accelerated pages. That’s why websites are not expecting significant changes in their rankings. You will have to follow some essential tips to deal with the June Google core update.

Understand Blend of Core Web Vitals with New Page Experience:

Technical SEO services and developers are working on dealing with the impacts of the June Google core update. The page experience of a website depends upon various factors. In these factors, there comes speed, interactivity, and mobility of the web pages. When you get the dedicated page experience report, you can get enough information. First of all, we have to consider the mobile responsiveness of the URLs. It means that your website should not show errors while running on your mobile device. Secondly, you should resolve the security issues of your website. If you do not resolve these security issues, these issues may disqualify your website from the search engines. Thirdly, if you want to provide the best experience to the users, you will have to use the HTTPS version instead of the HTTP version. At last, the ads on your website should not hamper the best experience for the users.

Remove Fluffy Content from your Website:

Some bloggers use storytelling writing techniques to hook the readers. For this reason, they start their blog posts by telling a story. If you are getting a higher ranking with these kinds of posts, the June Google core update will hurt the ranking of your website. You may have observed a decline in the ranking of these posts. On the other hand, if you have created some other posts just by giving direct answers to the questions of the people, you may observe some improvements in their rankings. According to the June Google core update, you will have to deliver quicker responses to the queries of the people. If you fail to deliver quicker responses to the queries of the people due to fluffy content, you may not provide the best user experience. Now, if you create to-the-point posts, you may also get a higher ranking even with newer posts.

Focus on Content:

In the June Google core update, Google suggested an offer to the content creators. It means that they have to create the best quality content. While creating the best quality content, you should think about some essential things. First, you should get answers to the quality questions of the content. These questions are relevant to the originality, comprehensiveness, and authority of the content. Secondly, you will have to show expertise while creating the best quality content. Here, you will have to get answers relevant to the trust and authorship of the content. At last, you should give answers to the presentation of the content. Here, you will have to think about the errors, hastiness, and responsiveness of the content. If you fail to maintain the quality of the content, the June Google core update may hurt the SEO of your website.

Focus on Quality Rater Guidelines and E-A-T:

According to a dissertation help firm, Google will identify the quality of a website based on quality rater guidelines and E-A-T. Google has provided quality rater guidelines in the form of a document. Now, Google will use the feedback of the raters. Based on the feedback, users will provide feedback about the working of the search engines. Google has also explained that it will not use it as a ranking factor. Anyhow, they will use it to understand the best quality content on a website. On the other hand, E-A-T is an essential parameter to understand the quality of the content. After improving the content of your website in these three areas, you can help search engines increase the ranking of your website. Anyhow, Google can use it as a ranking signal for a website.

Assess the Page Performance:

To deal with the June Google core update, they have to get detailed reports of the Core Web Vitals. By using this report, they can easily assess the performance of their web pages. Based on this report, you will know the weak points of your website. When you focus on these points, you can take immediate action to improve these areas of your website. It is also the best metric to get an idea about the status and similar pages of your website. If your pages fail to display the right amount of content, you can also omit these pages from your website. To get this report, you should open your Google Search Console account.

Check the Speed and Performance of Your Website:

According to the June Google Core update, page speed plays a vital role in improving the ranking of a website. Its reason is that by providing better speed to the users, you can increase customer engagement. To check the speed of a website, you can make use of the Google Page Speed Insights tool. Anyhow, if you want to analyze the performance of your website, you will have to use the Lighthouse tool. This tool is available in the form of an open-source plugin. Therefore, you can easily get access to this tool. By using this automated tool, you can also improve the user accessibility of your website.


By introducing new updates, Google is reducing irrelevant searches. Over the last few years, Google has removed almost 40% of irrelevant searches from its SERP. To improve its performance, Google introduced some major updates. We call them Google Core updates. Google announces these core updates publically. These core updates have enough impact on the ranking of various websites. Recently, Google has introduced the June Google Core Update 2021. According to this core update, if you want to get a higher ranking in the SERP, you will have to remove fluffy content. Moreover, you should also provide a better experience to the users.

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