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How to hook up a tattoo gun power supply

In this article: Choosing the markets Assembling the pitol Assembling the boiler Assembling the markets Connecting the markets7 References Have you ever wanted to tattoo yourself and your friends? Tattoos have a great deal to offer

In this article: Choosing parts Assembling the gun Assembling the boiler Assembling the parts7 References

Have you ever wanted to tattoo yourself and your friends? Tattoos are very popular outside of tattoo studios. Many current tattoo artists start in their home studios. Tattoo machines are easy to set up. Make sure you have a clean environment when setting up your prison tattoo machine.

Method 1 Choose the parts

Buy a starter kit. Starter sets are great because they have all the parts you need to tattoo. These sets are not high quality, but they are great for getting started and maintaining a tattoo weapon.

  • Consider the quality of your weapon before tattooing anyone. An installation that is cheaper could injure or infect someone.
  • Buy individual parts. If you want better quality parts, the right way for you is to buy individual components. This can also be a good way to improve your starter set. Most people modernize their weapons. Tattoo guns are the most complex part of a tattoo machine. You have skin contact, so it is important to use a good one.
  • Buy the right tools to prepare your car. You need at least a set of Allen wrenches and a small screwdriver. Take a look at the instructions in the set and consider if you need more tools to do it all.

Ask a pro. If you have a regular tattoo, start talking to her about home sets. Artists working in tattoo studios often worked from home at one point. They can share their experiences when they are ready.

  • Some professionals even give you instructions on how to prepare the machine for a small fee.

Method 2 Assemble the weapon

Disinfect your hands. Tattoo guns should be handled with great care. Take care of these machines before handling. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap or wear latex gloves.

Familiarize yourself with the gun. The frame holds all the parts together. Then you have two electromagnetic coils that supply power to the motor. The spools move the rod anchor, which is connected to a needle. The power supply is connected to the solenoid coils.

  • All of these components can be removed or replaced if necessary.

Assemble the barrel. Examine the pistol grip. The handle has two sides for the barrel and the tip of the pistol. Set this to your preferred length and then tighten the two screws on the handle. On average, the needle should not exceed 2 mm and not less than 1 mm from the tip.

  • If there is excessive blood flow, your needle is too long.

Install the needle. Look at the ones with the gun. You should have a few different sized needles. For example, RL, RS, M1, M2, RM and F have all dimensions. Insert one of the needles, inserting them through the tube at the top. Be careful not to drown a needle while inserting it. This could lead to a painful tattoo.

Attach the nozzle. The nozzle, also known as the eye, attaches the needle and handle to the base of the gun. Place a nozzle on the pin of the anchor rod. Attach the rounded end of the needle to the nozzle.

Align the needle. After attaching the handle, you will need to adjust how much the needle sticks. You can adjust the length of the exposed needle by aligning the pipe clip. The pipe clamp is the fixing screw between the anchor and the needle

Method 3 Assemble the boiler

Choose a power supply. Power supplies vary depending on technical details and voltage. When you buy a starter kit, the device has a less adjustable power supply. Your source of energy should not cost more than a tattoo gun.

Examine the power supply. Check the safety of the car. Make sure your car has the right voltage. Most tattoo power supplies have adjustable controls for the amount of safety and power that goes into your car. Some of the cheaper models do not have this property.

Take a pedal. If your car doesn’t have a pedal, you need to buy one. A pedal is quite cheap and does not need to be set up very well.

Method 4 Join the parts

Connect the pedal. Attach the pedal to the power supply. The pedal activates and adjusts the current from the power supply to the needle.

Connect the gun to the machine. You must connect the gun to the engine using clamping cords. At the bottom of the gun is a free space where you can connect the cable. There should be only two sockets on the machine itself. Make sure you connect the cables to the right place.

Test the car. Once everything is connected and assembled, you are ready to test the gun. If you’re worried about testing the gun on yourself, just turn everything on and examine the gun. The needle should vibrate at a fast pace when you depress the pedal.

  • Start getting your tattoos done!

Practice on a fruit. A good way to practice your art is to practice on apples or pears. The skin of apples and pears is similar to human flesh. If you damage your fruit, pierce the needle too deep.

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