How to make Premium WordPress WooCommerce Themes more beneficial

We are currently living in an era where people want to buy everything online. While the traditional brick and mortar stores are still running, you notice that most people prefer buying their products through ecommerce websites or apps. The good news is that with WooCommerce, you too can sell your products online within a short time, compared to hiring developers who can build your own website from scratch using Magento or WordPress. And of course, the cost of purchasing a premium WooCommerce theme will be far less than paying for developer fees and hosting costs of having your own website built from scratch.

Why do people love WooCommerce? Here’s why:

1) Easy setup: usually takes only 5-10 minutes before you’re ready to privately sell your products online

2) Flexibility: works on any device (PC, smart phone, tablet) and is very stable.

3) Wide range of customization possibilities both for the front end and back end users of the website/store

4) A variety of theme designs to choose from: minimalistic ones, modern ones, flat and materialistic designs, you name it!

5) Plenty of premium plugins available: we will cover these in more detail below.

These are just some of the reasons why people love WooCommerce so much today. Given this popularity that it has gained over the past few years, there is a huge demand for Woocommerce themes among business owners who want them to look modern and attractive enough for people to purchase their products online.

While there are plenty of free WooCommerce themes available on the web, not all of them were created equal. The good news is that you can find a premium theme that would be well worth your money. And in this article by Elegant Themes, we will discuss how you could use these premium themes to build top-quality ecommerce websites for your business.

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1) Make sure your brand identity shines through

You have probably heard this before: create a website that represents who you are and what your business is all about! When building a WooCommerce site, it’s really important that you add elements from your logo/brand colors into the ecommerce template. It looks more attractive when people see your website.

You can also add video backgrounds or videos of people talking about your products to make it more personal and relatable. And when you mention the name of your business in some parts of the template, see to it that you use the same font colors (and sizes) as the logo/brand colors.

WooCommerce themes with this feature are usually called “split” where you have one part for your content and another part for the sidebar widgets like social media icons, search bar, contact forms etc. This is something you should prioritize when looking for a premium WooCommerce theme because this way, people would be able to recognize your brand right away even at first sight!

2) Make use of Woocommerce plugins

For the best user experience Woocommerce plugins are tools that make your store more functional and easier to use. With these premium plugins, you’ll be able to add customized solutions for issues like shopping cart abandonment (encourages customers to complete their purchases after putting items into their carts), customer search (allows users to find specific products based on categories or tags) and product comparison (helps users compare features of different products side by side).

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These plugins can also help you add languages for different countries; improve security; add shipping methods; running discounts/sales etc. with just a click of a button! Woocommerce is not that difficult if you have the right plugin installed on your site. And most importantly, it helps you increase conversions and sales by making your ecommerce website more efficient

3) Price tables: show off all price points in one page

It’s always good to include tables of prices so potential buyers would know how much they have to prepare in order to get a certain item. Price tables work best with Woocommerce themes because it only takes up very little space yet gives quick access to information about products without having to go into detail.

Price tables often come with shortcodes that enable customers to quickly check if there are available offers or coupons on a certain product without having to leave the page. And if you’re going to include price ranges in one table, don’t forget to highlight what makes your products stand out from the rest! This way, buyers would definitely know why they should get your items instead of getting a similar product from another store.

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