How to Make Space for a Game Room in Your Home

For devout gamers, few things have the same appeal as a dedicated game room will. No matter if you reach for the pool cue, Bluetooth mouse, or joystick, this space tells others and you that you’re serious about your craft and dedicate time, energy, and space to the practice of whatever sort of gaming it is you love. Whether it’s the perfect home for your gaming laptop with your top-choice core or carving out room for air hockey, you can create a game room of your own in nearly any space.

Prioritize your must-haves.

First and foremost, it’s crucial that you determine what your game room needs. There will undoubtedly be fun additions you’d love to have but don’t really need or even want in the space. Sure, that vintage Atari decor might look great, but if it comes down to deciding between that and getting the best gaming laptop for your Steam library and beyond, the answer is simple. In this scenario, your gaming laptop is an obvious priority. If you still want those extras later on, you can splurge but, in the meantime, make the decisions that get you your game room on a budget and with ease. Whether you love AMD, Ryzen, Nvidia, Razer Blade, or Lenovo Legion, you’ll be able to find an option that works for you once you’ve prioritized that choice.

Start with a declutter.

For many people, it might not be the restrictions of a budget or the decision of what you should buy first. Instead, it might be the struggle to make space that’s keeping you from the game room of your dreams. Do you have piles of boxes you haven’t touched in years that have spent that time multiplying in your basement or spare room? Start searching for cheap storage facilities in Boca Raton or your relevant location and find a budget-friendly space to move your excess belongings to while you declutter and set up your new game room. After a while, you may even decide you can donate all those unnecessary pieces because you don’t even miss them at home—you’re too busy enjoying your laptop in a freshly cleared space!

Ignore the trends you aren’t interested in.

The thing about gaming, and video games, in particular, is that there’s always a new release or upgrade that fans have their eye on. Trying to keep up with every potential new piece of gear isn’t going to make your game room better in a genuine way—it will only cause you to spend more money and use up space you otherwise wouldn’t. If your current gaming laptop has the processor, battery life, and other features you need, why would you need a new one right away? If that graphics card or GPU is genuinely going to improve your gaming room or experience with your fellow gamers, then go for it. But, if not, consider whether you’re better off saving those funds for a later upgrade you’ll want and need more.

Be open to the unconventional.

Let’s say that video games are your go-to choice. If you’re like most people, you want that glorious RTX gaming laptop, with the performance, speed, and specs you can only dream of in the current moment. Before splurging on that optimal frame rate GeForce RTX or desktop CPU, take some time to wonder whether your laptop is the right fit for your genuine needs, not just daydreams. In fact, is a gaming laptop even the right fit? You might thrive on your portable gaming system, like a Nintendo Switch or ASUS notebook. If you can find the battery life, GPU, screen size, and high refresh rate you need in a smaller, more compact, or even cheaper system, you can make your gaming room fit in a small space or even move with you.

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