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The Right Way to Clean Your Bathroom – A Simple Guide

An area of your house you must never put off cleaning is your bathroom. Unlike living areas or bedrooms, bathrooms are subject to far more than ordinary filth, dust, and spills. Viruses, hard-water residues, soapy residue, and other nasty debris can accumulate on objects, so frequent bathroom cleaning is essential. Deep cleaning your bathroom after a week is necessary to keep germs from attacking you. Victoria Plum is famous for its stunning accessories.

Following the below-mentioned steps will help you achieve a clean and dirt-free bathroom in no time.

To get good results and do things conveniently, remove everything from the vanity, bathtub and toilet before starting the cleaning process. Take out all the used towels and rugs from the bathroom.

Clear away all counters before you begin the process. Also, put away the trash cans in your bathroom.

  • Dusting and Sweeping

Use a long-handled duster to remove the spider webs from edges, lighting, and ducts to get rid of dust. If you’re still having trouble reaching some areas, bring in a stepladder. After that, brush or vacuum the flooring to remove any hair or other collected dirt.

  • Applying Cleaner to Bathtubs and Showerheads 

If you are habitual at cleaning the shower regularly, use a simple all-purpose cleaner. However, if there is a lot of accumulation, then apply an acid-based cleanser for best results.

Don’t forget to apply the cleanser on the shower rails and the inside of the door. Leave it for some time and allow it to do its work.

  • Deal With Other Surfaces

Next, dip a clean microfiber cloth or sponge in the all-purpose cleaner and start wiping the shelves, doors, towel racks, and windowsills. Start from the top of your bathroom and work it down to the bottom. Then go right to the left.

  • Cleaning Solution for The Floor

Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add the cleaner into it.

  • Back to the Shower and Bathtub

The cleanser would have accomplished most of the cleaning by this stage, enabling you to scrape away any remaining filth and debris gently. Before washing, scrub all of the walls, floors, and other fixtures.

  • Complete the Shower and Bathtub

Put all of the objects you took out, cleaning them down as necessary, and then close the shower curtain or door. If your shower has a door, wipe it with a glass cleaner to avoid those nasty watermarks. 

The same goes for the bathtub; wash it with water and wipe it using a clean, dry cotton cloth.

  • Cleaning the Vanity

Spray the cleaner on your faucets, sinks, and countertops, then clean the place with a dry piece of cloth. If you have soap buildup on your vanity or the soap dish, use a sponge with a scrub.

Wipe the mirror with a glass cleaner and clean the cabinets with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

  • Clean the Toilet Seat

If you clean your toilet seat regularly, then using the all-purpose cleaner will be enough. If there is some residue, then spray a toilet cleaner and let it sit. Then flush the toilet.

  •  Mopping the Floor

Soak your mop in the cleaning solution you made and squeeze the excess water before wiping the floor. Let the floor and other surfaces dry up before you place the rugs and trash cans back.

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