How To Make Your Cleaning Business More Successful This Year?

The commercial and residential cleaning industry is booming. It is a great business option as it allows low-cost entry. The cleaning industry is recession-proof. But to stay as the number one and a successful company in the market, you would need to go for some solid marketing techniques and tricks. Whether you are looking to start a cleaning business or looking for an injection of new ideas for your current business, here are a few ways to grow and be more successful in your cleaning business this year.

Picture the Kind of Cleaning Business You Want

Many businesses begin with a particular goal in mind. But as the days and months pass, they often lose sight of the objectives and goals. If you have a cleaning business, step back, look and think about how your dream business looks. Analyze everything and look at what all is involved. Your business must ensure happy customers and employees and overall customer and employee satisfaction. It must be the kind of setup that provides stability to all.

Share What Makes Your Business Different          

The market is crowded in every sector. Therefore differentiating yourself and your business is essential. You need to tell the customers what you are capable of doing that your competitors can’t. Start by accessing the marketing techniques of the other cleaning firms. Have a look at their Facebook account, online reviews to know what the market is saying about them. Word of mouth is another important factor here. From a service delivery standpoint, make notes about which services are not being served, flexibility or the schedules, etc.

Communicate with your customers through different marketing techniques and tell them you are a better option. You can start blogs, send newsletters including cleaning tips, or introduce them to your team using videos. It will help your customers know who they are dealing with and form an intimate customer-business relationship. In such ways, you can retain loyal customers.

Focus on the Customer in each Marketing Step

Many small businesses are so engrossed in their day to day activities that they tend to ignore how marketing can benefit them in so many ways. For this, you will have to define your cleaning company’s buying cycle. It is likely to have prospects and clients from all stages. Be it awareness (where you want to tell the potential customers about your business), discovery and engagement (where your customers learn about your business), or referral status (where your customers are happy with your services and want to tell everyone about their experience).

It obviously will take time. There are steps in between, but the main point is that you must focus on customers at each step of the buying cycle.


There are multiple groups for a business niche or industry. You need to put some effort to find them. Start by looking for networking groups on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. you can also go for events for professionals and business owners. Consider attending the events that help you get your dream customers or target markets. It is always great to meet more and more people for your business as it helps you know what makes your customers tick.

Cleaning Business Software

While expanding business and adapting to the everyday changing business market, it can get hard for the cleaning business to meet their complex needs. That is why successful cleaning companies go for cleaning software. This software helps maintain a smooth line of operation between the customers and the employees. It reduces the lost work hours, work confusion and improves workplace performance. If a worker has to wait for a call from the management before starting a task, it can lead to a waste of time. The cleaners can use the janitorial cleaning software to text and send messages to their supervisors and the other staff members. It is also great for employees with hearing disabilities.

You can easily track metrics and look at the overall status of your business. It will help in improving your margins and profits. A cleaning software allows you to review: –

  • Know the hours worked
  • Employee performance data
  • Issues faced by the workers, staff members and the customers
  • Total number of workers on each site
  • Location-related information for a better understanding of the route

You will get an idea about the performance of each employee that is which one of them is exceeding the expectations and who is underperforming. It allows you to address the issues quickly. The quicker the action is taken, the better it will be for your business. As the cleaning software allows you to look at the data of your cleaning business, you will be able to make better future decisions that will improve your customer relations and profits. Cleaning software makes it easy for businesses to focus on growth and expansion. That is because it cuts the time the management spends on scheduling and payroll.

Why Does a Cleaning Business Need a Cleaning Business Software?

Cleaning businesses have now become a kind of necessity for most cleaning businesses. It sets your business in motion. All you need to have is advanced business cleaning business software to ensure smooth working. Here’s why: –

It saves time. Cleaning software allows you to get an idea of what is happening in your business. With a little bit of effort, you can put the important tasks and areas on a priority, for example: –

  • Supply levels
  • Previous bookings
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Reported issues

Instead of checking things by yourself, you will have software to plan and manage all the things accordingly. Also, cleaning business software strengthens communication. It is not only restricted to customer service. Your business’ special media has to be updated so that your old customers are familiar with how you are doing and the new ones can get to know about you. Social media platforms are great for reviews. With cleaning software by your side, it gets easy to get in touch with your past or present clients and find fresh business opportunities.


Many successful cleaning business companies use business cleaning software to ensure high work productivity, smooth, professional and efficient working. A cleaning software will help you provide your customer with an exceptional experience. If you own cleaning business and are looking for software to handle it, connect with Brilion.

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