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How to Revamp Old Accessories

It doesn’t matter where you got them from or how much they cost, your favorite accessories will need to be replaced eventually. Whether it’s a high street handbag, branded sneakers or a designer belt, wear and tear will occurover time. Fortunately, there are a few ways to stop you from throwing away your accessories prematurely. Here are some top tips to help you revamp old accessories and give them new life.

Know Your Materials

Before you try to restore your accessories, make sure you know your materials. Different materials require different techniques to clean and revive. For example, vinyl just needs a good clean with warm, soapy water, while many fabric accessories can be cleaned in a washing machine – just make sure the hardware can hold up in a machine. Canvas requires a scrub using a soft bristled brush, it can then be cleaned with a mix of soap and water. Simply rinse then air dry to finish.

Leather Accessories

Leather products can be incredibly expensive, especially if they come from a reliable, ethical source. Although certain leather accessories are designed to have that worn effect, a seriously scratched up and faded accessory will hamper your outfit. Luckily, you can restore the aesthetic appeal to your leather accessories with specially formulated leather paint and a bit of know-how. Angelus Paint is a reputable company that offers high quality paint for leather. Angelus Paint supplies includes a huge range of paint colors, deglazers to prepare your leather and a variety of finishers to help you seal in the color and give you the right look for your type of leather.

Old Shoes

Old shoes are often thrown away once they become scratched, scuffed, or just because they are dirty. This is a huge waste, especially if they are still in a wearable condition. Some shoes, such as those made from canvas, cotton, nylon, cotton and polyester, can be washed in a washing machine. As with the above, you need to tailor the way you ‘fix’ old shoes with the type of material they are made from. For example, suede shoes require a suede cleaner and a good scrub.

Misshapen Sunglasses

Isn’t it a shame when your designer sunglasses become bent out of shape? Luckily, you can revive them with a bit of heat in the form of hot water or hot air. Either fill a basin with hot water and place them inside or carefully use a hairdryer to expose your frames to hot air. This should make your sunglasses malleable enough to reshape back into their original state. Just make sure you don’t let your frames overheat or burn yourself.

Tarnished Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry are beautiful pieces that can completely glam up an outfit, yet they are generally made from inexpensive gemstones and metals. If your costume jewelry has become tarnished, don’t give up on them yet. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and some toothpaste and gently scrub to remove the tarnish. Additionally, you can remove debris by soaking your jewelry in a lemon juice and water mixture, rinsing it with water then buffing it dry.

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