Hypnotherapy Victoria BC: Make the First Step in Getting the Help that You Need

A good way to deal with the crisis – be it any emotional, intellectual, or general well-being – is through hypnotherapy Victoria BC. This is the first step toward healing. It is a move to finally give yourself some love.

You deserve this. You deserve to talk to someone who will understand what you’re going through and can use the power of hypnotherapy to lead you toward the path of healing. It is a difficult journey ahead. But, with a hypnotherapy professional to guide you, it becomes easier and you will achieve what you seek.

Hypnotherapy in Victoria BC

Victoria BC counts several practitioners in the field of hypnotherapy. This is a great thing because, as a local, you can easily explore this type of healing. Go online and find a hypnotherapy expert near you. Make sure to check out what other people say about them. 

Looking for a local hypnotherapist is a good idea. While online hypnotherapy is possible, you may also want to avail of face-to-face sessions. As long as Covid safety protocols are followed, talking to your therapist in person is safe, and may even add to the intimacy of the proceedings.

What to Expect from Your Hypnotherapist

A good hypnotherapist can do a lot for you. But, understand too that the progress you make from your hypnotherapy sessions also depends on you. 

A good hypnotherapist works as your guide. They get you into your hypnotic state and guide you with questions and suggestive statements. The ideal is to work towards a resolution to your problems from within yourself. When the solution is your own realization, it makes it even more powerful.

What Happens During Hypnotherapy

There are 3 distinct parts of a hypnotherapy session: the induction, therapy, and transition into wakefulness.

A “Before We Begin” introduction precedes the three. This is crucial to the success of the session. Here, your hypnotherapist tells you about the journey you’re about to make and what to expect.

Here, you’re going to be asked a few questions. You and your therapist are going to agree on goals. This has to be up to you. You are in control. Your hypnotherapist is only your guide.

Once goals and expectations are set, the session begins.

During the induction part, you are led into a state of hypnosis. How long this takes depends on you. some are quick to fall deep into hypnosis. While others may take 10 to 15 minutes to get into it.

After this, the hypnotherapy proper begins. This is where we work on the goals we set for the session. Your hypnotherapist will guide you with questions and statements that help you come to needed realizations. And, if you allow it, your hypnotherapist may also give you some post hypnotic suggestions that work as triggers after your hypnotherapy session.

Then, you will be transitioned back into wakefulness. Hopefully, you take with you the realizations you made while under the hypnotic state. Post hypnotic suggestions made during therapy should also ideally help you deal with your issues more positively as you get back into reality.


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