7 Advantages Of Bone Conduction Headphones You Must Know

Did you know you can hear through your bones? Yes, you can! Today’s advanced technology paved the way for the invention of wireless headphones that utilize bone conduction. These headphones transmit sound by sending vibrations along your cheekbone to the cochlea, where the auditory nerve processes it. Unlike the standard headphones that transmit sound waves through the air to your eardrums, these bone conduction headphones bypass the eardrums and go straight to the cochlea.

This technology is proven effective for those who have hearing impairments and is used to treat hearing loss in the medical field. One revolutionary way of listening to music is through the best bone conduction headphones. You’re still allowed to hear ambient sounds around you without blocking your ear canals and losing sound quality.

Hence, read on to know more about the advantages of bone conduction headphones.

1. Aid people with hearing loss

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, bone conduction headphones help you listen to sounds better because they avoid both the external and middle ear. If your hearing problem is located in these regions, this kind of headphones is best for you. With its unique design, you can simultaneously wear bone conduction headphones with other hearing aids, and you can now listen to music and different sounds without compromising your hearing.

2. Increase spatial awareness

Strolling somewhere while listening to your favorite songs, audiobook, or podcasts in your traditional headphones is one of the perfect ways to escape the world. However, this increases your chance of getting into an accident. With bone conduction headphones, you’ll stay safe and sound because you can hear everything around you, and you can still hear car horns, call-outs, and other sounds that may risk your safety. Also, this is great for outdoor exercises, such as running, jogging, or cycling, since you can still be aware of your surroundings and be connected to external circumstances.

3. Extraordinary audio experience

Unlike traditional headphones, bone conduction headphones give you a unique, double-layered listening experience. You’re still able to enjoy the sound of nature while listening to your favorite music while wearing it. Additionally, you can feel the sound coursing through your veins, which is something you must try to see for yourself. Indeed, it’s an extraordinary way to listen to music or other audio tunes while still being conscious of all the happenings in your environment.

4. Provide a snug fit

When your headphones always fall out or hurt your ear canals, it’s time to make a switch. It isn’t enjoyable to deal with too-heavy headphones, and they don’t have a comfortable fit. With bone conduction headphones, you’re sure to get a snug fit that stays intact even when moving around because of its open-ear design. You’ll never have to experience any difficulties since they rest on your cheekbones and save you from soreness and pain. More importantly, you can work out and do other chores throughout the day without worrying about your headphones falling.

5. More hygienic

According to research, earbuds or headphones harbor thousands of colony-forming bacteria units, which increase more if you are sweating. You know how much bacteria love wet and warm environments. So if you don’t like this to happen, change your traditional headphones to bone conduction ones. These are a better and cleaner option to prevent bacteria since they have an open-ear design.

6. Completely wireless

If you’re tired of untangling your headphone cords, then it’s time to try wireless bone conduction headphones. These are perfect if you are always on the go and don’t have time to spare to untangle some cords. You can grab a pair, wear them, and you’re good to go. Nothing compares to when you can instantly use your headphones whenever you want them.

7. Avoid ear infections

To avoid ear infections, you should opt for bone conduction headphones. As mentioned above, traditional earbuds and headphones can hold a lot of dirt and bacteria. And when you put these in your ears, they can cause ear infections that lead to harmful circumstances if not treated well and quickly. Thus, be sure to choose these headphones for nothing goes inside your ears, preventing any infections to your ears.


In this world full of innovations, it’s high time that we deal with and make use of it. Bone conduction headphones are a great technology that can help many people, especially those active in sports, who love to listen to music and have hearing loss or tinnitus. So, when you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, it’s best to choose bone conduction headphones, which are a healthier and cleaner option. Take into consideration these advantages specified above to familiarize yourself with this fantastic innovation!

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