Insider Guide to Getting a Great Criminal Defense Attorney

A single conviction doesn’t have to end your life. Imagine you’ve been charged with a crime. The thought alone can be pretty scary, but the legal process is even more complex and confusing. There’s so much work attached to being a criminal defense attorney, but what are their responsibilities? What qualities should they have? And how do they actually make your life easier when they take on your case? With the right defense attorney and strategy from Gallian Defense Firm, you could walk away from a criminal trial with just probation or perhaps even less.

An insider guide to finding the right lawyer for your specific circumstance in this article:

What to Look for in a Defense Attorney

Searching for a new attorney can be daunting, even more so when the stakes of your case are high. One way to help is by being familiar with the ins and outs of what goes into finding one. If you know what to look for in a defense attorney and within their reputations, you’ll have an advantage when assessing who may work best for you. Be sure to ask potential attorneys if they have experience in a specific type of case (i.e., defending against terrorism charges or representing someone charged with sexual abuse).





What to Expect From a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys are both trained and compensated to protect the rights of their clients. However, this has not always been an expert pursuit of high-caliber lawyers. A lot of law students have turned to criminal defense when they learn that time is going to be a long and difficult process. There are some differences among trial practice, such as plea bargains, discovery, summary judgment motions, jury selection, suppression hearings or closing arguments that can’t be found in other fields. Each case is unique so it’s important to find a lawyer who shares your goals and philosophical views on crime.

Types of Criminal Violations, Penalties, and Punishments

Crimes can vary in severity, whether it be a minor traffic infraction like a speeding ticket, or something that gets you locked away for life. You might want to think about getting an attorney not only for yourself but for your family as well. An attorney can be valuable as a legal advocate should you end up facing any criminal-related charges in the future. There are several types of criminal violations in the United States. Some crimes may be punishable by harsh penalties, while some only have minor punishments. The seriousness of the crime will determine the legal outcome. For example, if somebody is convicted of a misdemeanor but had possession of marijuana, his or her case could result in just fines or community service but would not require imprisonment.


This insider guide has highlighted some and reviewed others, but if you don’t know how to find your best criminal defense attorney yet and want an overview, this is the place to turn. A quick read-through of the short review of some lawyers may help you make a decision on whom to hire.

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