How to Choose the Right CREST Penetration Testing Services

    1. CREST penetration testing is a critical and high-risk activity, which requires great care. It can be used for many purposes like checking the security of your network or system and finding out if there are any vulnerabilities in it. This kind of test is also called penetration testing because it involves penetrating into the target system from outside and finding out what information you can get inside that system. The purpose behind this type of test is to identify weaknesses in the system so that they can be fixed before an attacker gets access to them. This article, therefore, will help you understand how to choose the best company when you want to hire a CREST penetration tester.
    2. Know the kind of testing you need

    3. The first thing you need to do is determine what type of testing you need. There are two types of tests that you can perform on a system. These are vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Vulnerability scanning is performed by running programs through the system and looking for open ports and other things that are not secure. On the other hand, penetration testing is done by actually breaking into the system and seeing whether the system has been properly protected against intrusions. So, these are the two different types of tests that you have to perform on a system
    1. Understand how the company will secure your data

    One of the most important aspects of choosing the best company is knowing how your data will be kept safe while performing the test. If you are using cloud services then make sure that the provider has adequate security measures in place. If you reach out to a company like, you ensure the right encryption protocols are employed as well. Besides, the provider must use strong passwords and change them regularly. In addition, they should ensure that the servers are up to date with patches and updates

    1. Look for expertise and credentials

    Another aspect that you need to consider is the level of experience and expertise that the provider has. Since this is a highly technical job, you need to know that only someone who has been doing this for years would be able to provide the service that you desire. Therefore, click on the companies’ websites and see if they mention anything about their experience. Also, check if they have certificates that prove that they have passed certain certifications.

    1. Refine their process

    Another important aspect that you need to take into consideration is the process that they follow. A good company will clearly explain all the steps involved in the testing procedure. They will tell you exactly what to expect after each step. They will also give you a detailed explanation of the results obtained during the test.

    1. Request a sample report

    You must also ask for a sample report before signing any contract. A good company will send you a copy of the report along with details of the work that was done. This way, you can easily compare the quality of the reports provided by various providers.

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