Job-Hunting Guide of CCNA

As the most elementary certification in Cisco Certification Series, Cisco CCNA, like MCSE, has had a huge, far-reaching and indelible impact on the whole history of IT certification. It can be said that at least two generations have been influenced by it. By obtaining this certificate, they have embarked on their ideal career path, and millions of people around the world have obtained this certificate. Moreover, due to its low entry threshold and Cisco’s unshakable advantages in the network industry, it will continue to be the only way for those who want to enter the network industry. It can be said that “IT certification will last forever and CCNA Certification click to check out will last forever”

Of course, CCNA is certainly not as good as CCNP, CCSP, CCIP and CCIE. We should have a correct understanding of CCNA.That is, CCNA is still a primary certification. It does not represent the peak of technology. Of course, we can’t expect it to support you for a lifetime. However, we must rely on it to solve not only the problem of food and clothing, but also the problem of development. That is to say, we need it to find a good job. Next, we will talk about CCNA.

1. Technology

CCNA is a network technology engineer, and is fully capable of completing the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a small or medium-sized network. The course coverage of CCNA has been quite comprehensive, from LAN to WAN, from NAT to OSPF, from ISDN to Frame Relay. These things are the most commonly-used technologies in daily enterprise networking. 99% of these small to medium-sized networks use CCNA. However, CCNA is Cisco’s certification after all. In terms of products and software operation of products, it has Cisco’s own characteristics. As the saying goes, “when the forest is large, there are all kinds of birds”. The company is small and has all kinds of equipment. As a CCNA, I’m afraid it has to face some messy equipment of unknown brands, which doesn’t matter. The technologies are basically standard, or the technologies supported by these products are supported by Cisco. The technologies supported by Cisco are not necessarily supported by these products.

2. Fame

CCNA is still well-known in the industry. Many people know about Cisco Certification. CCNA is a little less famous than CCIE, but it still has considerable advantages over those without certification. Therefore, the certificate still measures your previous efforts and deep foundation from the side.

3. Price

Price is an eternal competitive factor. Every company should also consider the cost. Every company can’t be full of doctors or CCIE. This is not only a price issue, but also a deeper management issue. In this way, the cost will be much lower. Now we all talk about team operation. Since it is a team, there should be a gradient. Generally, the technical team of a company should include an experienced expert who is good at dealing with difficult and miscellaneous problems. CCIE can be the expert, and several experts who can independently write large solutions and solve some customer problems. CCNP or CCIE can be the expert, but more engineers who can rush to the frontline, write some small solutions and solve general customer problems are needed. In fact, The problems customers encounter are generally common sense problems, which can be completed by CCNA. The relatively cheap price of CCNA allows some companies to hire multiple employees. The salary of a CCIE is equal to that of three or four CCNA. From the perspective of the company’s reputation, a company with a large number of people is much better than a company with a few people. Therefore, CCNA is much easier to hire than CCIE.

4. Appropriateness

The person who will spend his life with you and live a very happy life in the future is not the most beautiful person, not the most capable person, not the most virtuous person, but the person who is most suitable for you. Similarly, when a company recruits people, it does not recruit the people with the best technology, the people with the highest education, nor the people with the best morality. Instead, it recruits the person who is most suitable for that position. For many positions in many companies, CCNA is the best choice.

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