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So you might have heard about the term UX? But what does it truly imply, and why is it so significant? The good news is that we’re here to help you figure it out. Not only will you know what to look for the next time you visit your favorite websites, but you’ll also learn how the Juno team can assist you in creating a WordPress website with excellent user experience.

To begin, “User Experience” is an abbreviation for “User Interaction,” and it relates to how users interact with a product. The purpose of UX is to produce a comfortable, purposeful, pertinent, and tensile experience for the end user, from the look to the feel.

However, these four important characteristics are commonly used to determine whether or not a user had a positive user experience:

  • Worth: Is this product worth my money?
  • Function: Is this product functional?
  • Usability: Is it simple to operate?
  • Overall impression: Is it a pleasurable experience to use?

Don Norman, the man who coined the term “user experience,” put it succinctly:

“There is no such thing as an island product.” A product is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a whole, integrated series of events. Consider all stages of a product or service, from initial goals to final contemplation, and from first use to assistance, service, and prolongation. Make sure they’re all on the same page.”

So, why is having a good User Experience so important?

Simply put, the user experience of your product is critical to meeting your users’ needs. As a result, your company’s customer gratification, conversion, and withholding journey will improve. If your product, on the other hand, provides a terrible user experience, your users may be dissatisfied with it. Customers may turn to your competitors as a result, ultimately in a tarnished reputation and financial loss for your company.

UX Design Experience

The UX design process is divided into numerous parts. Juno creative is a  Gold Coast graphic designer that executes an unambiguous and immaculate UX strategy in place to ensure we can build the finest user experience for your website because UX is based on “users.”

Step 1: Product Elucidation

The first thing we’ll do at Juno is learn about your product and its purpose before we start designing. We’ll receive your brief and have a kick-off meeting to set product and stakeholder anticipation, which will help lay the groundwork for the final product. Following that, our designers will brainstorm product concept ideas and create concept sketches of how your WordPress website might appear and function.

Step 2: Product Exploration

We need to understand more about your clients because UX is all about user experience. This usually entails user and market research to ensure that we design the greatest user experience possible that addresses your users’ pain points. Our creative team may begin working on solutions to their challenges after we have a better understanding of their wants and problems.

If your website is already up and running, one of the things we prefer to do at Juno is employ particular technologies to track the visitor journey from entry to leave. This is a fantastic approach for us to collect information on how your users interact with your sites and, conversely, why they leave. When we make enhancements to your WordPress website in phase 4 while designing the wireframes, this allows us to do so more effectively.

Step 3: Analyzing the User’s demand

Our creative team will pull insights from our data to assist us identify “why” they may want/think/need it when we’ve gathered enough research to fully understand your audience. This stage usually entails the following:

  • Creating User Personas: Identify and capture the many user types for your product, as well as how your product, content, and message can be tailored to their requirements, behaviors, and concerns.
  • Creating a User Journey Map: To gain a deeper understanding of your product or service’s interactions and goals from the user’s perspective. Our staff can identify all of the numerous ways that your consumer could engage with your website by knowing their purpose, which will aid in the creation of the material required to support the site’s functioning.

Step 4: Design the WordPress Structure

Juno creative will draw designs and develop wireframes of how your WordPress website will look and work once we’ve mapped out the user experience in the previous step. Before we get too far into the design process, we need to examine the functionality of your website and identify any potential issues or missing features.

A wireframe is a website’s skeleton, and it’s a handy tool for graphic designers to see the page’s essential components, such as showing important features, allocating space, and presenting pictures and information.

Step 5: Prototyping and Testing

We’ll start bringing your WordPress website to life during the prototype stage. While prototyping is less about ornaments at this phase, it is critical for understanding the user flow and how your website will function in real life. We can reveal any flaws that were missed and ensure that the general design works for your users by conducting testing sessions. Overall, this is the stage when revisions and iterations will be carried out in order to provide the greatest possible customer experience for your website’s visitors.

Step 6: Giving Final shape to Website sketch

Our creative team will begin adding the finer features to the design after the wireframes have received your approval. This stage will focus on fine-tuning the design components on the website’s most important pages. The purpose of this step is to provide you with a visual picture of how the final website will seem so that there are no unpleasant surprises later on.

We’re ready to assist you in reaching new heights in your business. Our team at Juno will work with you every step of the way to develop the right WordPress website for your business, whether you’re wanting to construct a new website or improve the user experience on an existing one.

Give us a call at (07) 3186 0566, and we’ll get you started. We can assist you with any other creative design projects!

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