Know How To Use Live Streaming Services For Your Events

Any professional knows that stereotypes are hazardous to their creativity, and they often provide more two-way subjective perspectives. Event planner professionals such as stream2watch are also often targeted by the enemies because they are so dependent on interpersonal relationships that they are especially vulnerable to unwarranted Live Streaming assumptions.

The most popular yet most misunderstood of today’s event techniques is live streaming, which is quite familiar to some event organizers today. The myth of broadcasting live makes some people avoid it (despite the fact that they need it).

It is recommended that you avoid at least five myths about live broadcasting!

We only use live streaming for large events

I find it absolutely ridiculous that a group of people think that streaming and live broadcasts are suitable only for big events that have millions of viewers. Using this platform, you can develop small events without having to invest in conventional equipment that can be expensive to hire.

Live streaming tends to decrease direct visitors

In this second myth, people expect to watch for free, so they will not pay for it. Various studies suggest, however, that up to 30 percent of people who watch live streams of an event will attend the same event on a subsequent date. Additionally, Facebook Live Streaming has greatly improved over the past year.

What is the cost of this field?

Live streaming is becoming easier and more widespread on social media platforms, which offer free services. Facebook Live has become the most popular platform for live streaming.

There is nothing interesting about these services!

These findings go against many surveys which indicate that people prefer to watch live streams over recorded shows.

You will lose your video immediately after the event

The video you recorded can still be used by you after the event is over. Video production companies like Picture Lab production can reproduce a copy in case you need it. Whether you need it for your business or personal use, you can use it.

When broadcasting live video streams, what are event producers really looking for?

Producing platforms should maximize the number of audiences while minimizing the production costs as much as possible. That’s what capitalism is all about, right? Unfortunately, the truth is something else entirely.

The producers typically follow the client’s directions, and they are generally expected by both parties to reach a minimum audience quota. They must also take into consideration several factors when making live streaming, one of which is the cost.

How to choose the best platform for live streaming?

Best live broadcasting services such as crackstreams require consideration of content security, bandwidth costs, monetization and analytics, as well as excellent customer support.

Keeping your content secure:

Are you looking for a safe way to broadcast your event? We provide content security to prevent abuse of our streaming services.

Broadband costs:

You should be selective when selecting a platform based on your financial capacity because bandwidth costs can be quite expensive. Not all platforms offer the same costs, so you should choose one that is within your budget.

Analytics and monetization:

The benefit of this is if you are actually using streaming videos for commercial purposes.

Support for customers:

To get the best advice, choose someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever a problem arises, you need someone available.


An example of a CDN is the Internet. CDNs allow you to reach millions of viewers globally, not just in your own country. In light of the above explanations, we can conclude that live streaming is a part of modern marketing, and that when hiring a live streaming service, we should take into account the above parameters.

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