Launching An eCommerce Site: Plugins You Simply Must Have

Today, almost no single person runs a sales business without owning an eCommerce shop. The indicators are that it will only grow in the upcoming years.

eCommerce is a website built primarily as an online store where visitors can browse through products, purchase, and get delivered the items they want to their houses. After the first implementations of eCommerce websites, the traditional (in person) shops and markets started losing traffic and clients.

Why? Because, today, if you do not have an online way of selling your products to potential customers, you are at a great capital loss.

People stopped going to the store to buy something. Instead, nowadays, they prefer to get what they want in a few clicks, and the delivery gets to their homes in a short period.

However, if you are new to the idea of “eCommerce” and you struggle to find a reliable source of information to learn how to run your own eCommerce business, there is a solution for that, as well. WooCommerce is a perfect tool for running and managing an eCommerce business for beginners and advanced users. WooCommerce has a core set of features and possibilities. Therefore, you can install particular WordPress plugins if you want to get more.

These are some of the eCommerce advantages:

  • it’s fast
  • cheaper advertising and marketing
  • there is no geographical barrier
  • price comparison for products
  • multiple payment method

In the further sections of the text, you will be reading about the three WooCommerce plugins that will significantly improve your online store.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

If you feel as if you are limited and have not many options with the WooCommerce core shipping, you can check out the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin. It is a plugin that extends the core features of WooCommerce and helps you manage and customize shipping for your online store.

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin allows you to:

  • Add your own advanced shipping rules based on weight, item quantity, total cost, destination, and more
  • Add shipping classes to define shipping rule
  • Customize shipping method labels based on the cart contents
  • Hide certain shipping methods based on the cart contents
  • Import or export your shipping methods
  • Include or exclude tax
  • Add handling fees to the orders
  • Set logged-in user rules to reward your logged-in customers for their loyalty

WooCommerce Order Export Pro

Looking for a way to efficiently export your WooCommerce orders with filter support to include only those orders you need? Check out the WooCommerce Order Export Pro plugin and get access to:

  • Exporting your WooCommerce orders in CSV format
  • Setting scheduled exports and directly send them to your email or via FTP
  • Reordering columns to look in the export exactly as you want
  • Configuring output settings
  • Exporting only new orders with the export new orders only feature that remembers which orders have been exported and helps you get only the new ones

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

If you don’t want your customer to waste their time going to the cart and then click the checkout button, but instead redirect them directly to the checkout page, this WooCommerce plugin is perfect for you.

The Buy Buttons feature that comes with the plugin can be added anywhere on the site. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be a “Product” page. Once the customer clicks the button, the item is added to the cart, and the customer is taken directly to the checkout page. Therefore, it optimizes the checkout process and increases sales.


WooCommerce is the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress users who plan to run an online store. However, WooCommerce can’t give you everything you need. Therefore, you need extra plugins to extend the core features. In this article, you learned about three WooCommerce plugins that you should check out to run an eCommerce business.

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