Mullet Haircut Styles for Men; Which One Fits You Better?

To achieve the mullet haircut, the stylist shortens your head’s front and sides hair and leaves the one at the back longer. There are many ways to style the mullet style, and they all depend on your choice and preference. 

This hairstyle was common among famous musicians, and when one of them created the song “Mullet Head” in 1994, it became more common. Mullet has continued to grow, with people styling the hairdo differently. Today’s modern mullet haircut is characterized by short hair on the sides and longer strands at the back of the head. The stylist leaves medium length on the top hair. 

If you have been rocking short hairstyles and want to change to modern mullet haircut styles, you have to be patient because your hair needs to grow slightly. There is no definite time to wait because people’s hair grows at different rates. While some could wait for several months, others have to be patient for a year or longer. 

Before you get into the barber’s shop for a mullet style, ensure that the hair at the back of your head is longer than the front. This way, getting a modern mullet will be easier. However, the lengths will also depend on how you want your latest hairstyle to look. 

  • How To Cut A Mullet

The modern mullet styles require professionals to style, unlike other haircuts that you can do yourself. Note that the messier your mullet style is, the better it will look. An expert knows the exact places to trim and the clippers to use at the front and back to ensure you get your desired final look. Besides, you won’t have to buy shaving equipment which can be expensive. Also, messing up your haircut can reduce your confidence, and it takes a while to grow depending on your hair’s growth rate. 

  • Best Mullet Hairstyles To Try

  • The Classic Mullet

The classic mullet haircut is a suitable style for your first modern mullet hairdo. Although it is not a common hairstyle among gents, it can look unique and stunning on you. However, the wearer needs to grow their hair to a certain length, depending on the size they want to achieve. Ensure the back is longer, and ask your stylist to create the mullet. 

  • The Modern Mullet

With the modern mullet haircut, the hair at the front and rear have little contrast, although the one at the back is longer. The haircut is easy to achieve and maintain, and it leaves the wearer looking great.

  • Mullet Fade

If you fancy fade haircuts, you can incorporate them into your mullet hairdo. It results in a fantastic haircut that will turn heads. You can go with the low, medium, or high fade and experiment with the taper fade. However, the hairstyle is picky with the face shape, so you should consider that when choosing the height of the fade. 

  • Short Mullet

Men who like their hair short can also wear mullet haircuts. The hairdo features a French crop that makes the wearer look more stylish. It is an easy-to-achieve hairdo for well-trained barbers. 

  • Afro Mullet

Black guys can comfortably try the afro mullet because their hair is firm enough to be styled this way. The stylist fades the sides leaving a longer length at the back than the front. Ensure you try this hairdo before the year ends. 

  • Mullet With Curls

While the afro mullet might not favor guys with curly hair, they can try the mullet with curls. The curls add volume and make the style more stunning. The stylist shaves the sides and reduces the hair at the front to be shorter than at the back.

  • Mullet Undercut

Wearing a mullet haircut style doesn’t mean you can’t get an undercut. Combining the two makes the style pop even more. You should ensure the hair at the front and back of your head are long enough for the mullet style. The stylist will fade the sides.


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