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Must Need Power BI Certification in 2022: The Future of Data Management.

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most extensively used platforms for data analytics & business intelligence and globally. The cloud-based Power Bi concept is executed on the Azure Cloud with On-prem capabilities for single users or when power users operate complex data through in-built data sources.

The top five popular power BI Certifications are:

  • Power BI (business intelligence) Essential Training
  • Visualising & Analysing Data sets with Power BI
  • Microsoft Power business intelligence
  • Power BI Training & Course certification
  • Power BI for Analytics related to Business

Power BI (business intelligence) Essential Training

This course allows you to get started with a robust toolkit. The use of the web-powered Power BI tool includes getting data, creating visualisations, and organising them into detailed reports. It explains the way to show and share visuals by placing them towards dashboards and the course of Power BI Q&A to ask queries about data.

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Visualising & Analysing Data with Power Business Intelligence

It serves as a newbie guide to handle data in Power BI. Managing data, creating data visualisations, and generating reports will become familiar to you.

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence

It provides the technique of downloading and deploying Microsoft Power BI Desktop and creating reports and dashboards using a small sample data group. It is excellent training for an individual who wants to get accustomed to Microsoft Power BI, and you should be skilful with Excel formulas to take this course.

Power BI Training & Course certification 

The Power BI Training will help you in the mastering of Power BI. Vital concepts are taught in Power BI Desktop, Mobile, Power Pivot, & Power Query, among many things, in this Microsoft certification course.

Power BI (Business Intelligence) for Business Analytics

The course is split into four parts (Visualisations, Dashboards, Data Connections, Online Service, Query Editor & DAX, and Power BI Case Study). Start dishing your 1st dashboard, and from there, you can develop.

Course 55232-A: Writing Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence Certification Training Course Overview

This Training course deals with noting TSQL queries for the idea of reporting data, analysis, and business intelligence. Altogether, this course offers TSQL within the contextual data analysis, i.e., building data expression instead of developing a business-oriented data-tier application.

Course Prerequisites

  • Consequential knowledge of data analysis and business intelligence scenarios.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Windows operating system and its key functionality, comprising navigation of the file system.
  • Fundamental understanding of utilising relational database management systems such as SQL Server.

 Accomplishments after completion

Understand the procedures to determine independent and dependent variables and levels of measurement in their analytical work scenarios.

  • Acknowledge identifying variables of interest in relational database tables.
  • Selecting a data aggregation level and data set design suitable for the intentional analysis.
  • Utilise TSQL SELECT queries to build ready-to-use data sets for analysis in tools such as Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel, R, SAS, SPSS, and others.
  • Create stored methods, views, and functions to modularise data retrieval code.

Who can join? 

  • Those who prefer to use database reporting and analysis tools like Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel, Power BI, R, SAS and other business intelligence tools, Data Science professionals, IT Workers
  • Anybody enthusiastic to do Course 55232-A: Writing Analytical Queries for Business Intelligence Certification Training Course Overview.

Power BI Developer Certification Training Course Overview

Register in our 4-day Power BI Developer from Koenig Solutions. In this course importing data, creating visualisations, and integrating reports and dashboards into custom applications can be learned.

Course Prerequisites

  • Need experience working with Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and C# in Visual Studio.

Accomplishments after completion

  • Build reporting and data analysis projects using Power BI Desktop primer.
  • Design Advanced Queries using M and develop custom data connectors using the Power Query SDK.
  • Design and program client-side web applications using TypeScript in Visual Studio.
  • Custom visuals by installing Node.js and a cross-platform toolchain which has Node Package Manager (npm), TypeScript, the PBI (Power BI) Custom Visual Tool (PBIVIZ) and Visual Studio Code.

Who can join? 

  • Experienced Power BI professionals and software developers.

Microsoft Data Analyst with Excel & Power BI

Join our 5-day Combo Microsoft Data Analyst with Excel & Power BI course designed to develop you as a Microsoft Data Pro. During this course, Advanced Excel with an understanding of data handling and complicated data visualisation in Microsoft Power BI can be mastered.

Who can join?

  • Business professionals who use a lot of Excel at work
  • Professionals want to learn how to perform data analysis using Excel & Power BI accurately.

Microsoft Power BI certification can be achieved with a little effort and tenacity. Know the Power BI Certification Cost before you enrol yourself and take a step forward in your future. Microsoft courses serve a lot when it comes to enhancing careers and this is no different.

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