5 Ways To Make Your Packaging More Sustainable

When you walked around, have you noticed litter from packaging material? The answer is yes. Research has shown that 70% of litter worldwide is due to packaging materials. Packaging manufacturers in the recent past have been under pressure to try and innovate new eco-friendly materials. This challenge has come due to the negative impact the packaging materials have on the environment. However, there has been a solution like using materials such as customized tissue paper that are both eco-friendly and easy to pack. In this article we will outline ways to make your packaging more sustainable.

1. Use Recyclable Material

Using recyclable materials is the most effective way to ensure the sustainability of your packaging materials. There are a lot of raw materials required to make the packaging material, and it’s vital to ensure they are recycled to decrease the number of raw materials used. These materials can be reused and help recreate new materials, reducing the effect on the environment. When choosing or manufacturing a packaging material, consider one that can be recycled and can be reused.

2. Minimize the Weight of the Packaging

Minimizing the weight of the packaging is both economical and helps reduce the packaging waste. Opting for materials that are light and can fit the product to be packaged ensure the quantity of material used is reduced. Using a large box instead of customized tissue paper for packaging a small product will be a waste of the box.

3. Design for Reuse

It is vital to consider using materials that can be used for various functions. This way, minimum packaging material will be required, hence a good way of ensuring an ecofriendly environment. A lot of manufacturers have come up with an innovative way to customize their packaging, making them long-lasting.

4. Eco-friendly Supply Chain

When choosing a packaging material, it is vital to consider how it is being manufactured and transported. Always go for a green manufacturing manufacturer to ensure you create an eco-friendly environment even after using the packagings material. The green manufacturer should ensure they use biodegradable materials and the energy used in the manufacturing is renewable to prevent air pollution. When transporting consider a manufacturer who uses alternative ways to reduce the carbon produced during transport. Fewer trips and the use of Rails is one way to ensure the supply is minimized the negative effect of carbon emission by transport.

5. Use Innovative Materials

This is where you consider materials that are recycled, biodegradable and non-traditional items. Using biodegradable materials ensures the packagings material can decompose when disposed of. You should also consider materials that can be easily recycled. When customizing packagings materials with pictures, consider using inks that are not harmful to the environment, such as ink made from milk proteins and food.


Using the ways above, you can be able to achieve an eco-friendly, sustainable environment. Some of these ways, such as reusing, are economical, helping you save money and care for the environment. Sustainability involves the whole lifecycle of a packagings product with both consumers’ and manufacturers’ actions at stake. The manufacturers should use innovative and alternative ways to ensure green production.

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