You might have heard about the term “beauty with brains”, right? Piper Rocker is a living example of this term. The 14 years old beautiful Piper Rockelle is a multi-talented girl. She is an American Youtuber and social media influencer. The amazing girl has gained popularity from TikTok and other social media platforms.

She was born on August 21, 2007, in Atlanta, GA USA. Her Zodiac sign is Leo and her religion is Christianity. The multi-talented girl is an Actor, Singer and dancer by profession.

Her YouTube Journey:

Piper Rockelle started her Youtube journey in 2016. The fans know her by the title Piper Rockelle youtube.

As of the year 2021, she has over 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube. The first video of Rockelle was “Piper Rockelle created fluffy Slime”. This video has over 4.6 million views and was first publicly posted in November 2016.

Piper uploads different types of videos mainly, pranks, comedy and fun videos, DIYs and reaction videos on her YouTube channel. The inspiring girl usually creates content for youtube videos once or twice a week.

The youngest popular YouTuber quickly gained popularity when she started her YouTube channel.

Acting Career:

Piper is not only a social media star she has started her acting career in 2017.

  • The director of web TV series “Mani” cast her as a star
  • You can see her in the several episodes of the show “Chicken Girls in 2019 and 2020”
  • The beautiful young girl had played several roles in video shots
  • Such video shots include ‘’Dark Eyes’’ and ‘’Sitting in the ’80s
  • The viewers love her role in the web reality show “Piperazzi’’
  • People love to watch Piper rockelle Piperazzi show because of her exceptional performance

Singing Career:

Piper launched her music career “it’s Christmas!” with the release of the holiday single. The single titled ‘’treat Myself’ song came in the following year. And also followed it with her third single, ‘’Sidewalk’’.

The young girl also has described her song “TreatMyself’’ in an interview with She said that this song is all about just taking care of yourself and it’s all about self-care.

Piper Rockelle’s Net Worth:

The social media applications have become the source of income for the past few years. Due to a massive fan following on Social Media, Piper Rockelle generates a good amount of money from them.

The sources andPiper Rockelle 2021 updatesclaim that  Piper Rockelle’s net worth is – $3 Million – USD 5 Million (Approx.)

Known Facts:

  • Piper loves cats
  • The cat lover girl has rescued 100 cats with her mother
  • She also runs her own merchandise
  • The business lady sells face masks, sweaters and jewellery on her official website
  • Piper is also a trained surfer
  • The astonishing girl Piper loves her mother and is so close to her
  • She often shares pictures with her mom and brother on her Instagram profile
  • The multi-talented girl is a craftsman, a vocalist, entertainer, actor, model, Youtuber and a Tik Toker

Piper’s bikini shoot controversy:

Pink tweeted about photos of Rockelle in a bikini that had been posted on Rockelle’s Instagram account.

The beautiful girl Rockelle posted photos in a bikini on her Instagram profile account and it went controversial by Pink.

He tweeted, ‘’her parents had exploited” her’’.

Rockelle replied in her statement that “pictures of teenagers in bikinis having fun are not sexual’’. The supporting mother Tiffany also defended her and said she wanted to support her daughters’ passion and protect her.

Rockelle denied Pink’s Statement and said she did not believe Pink had watched her YouTube Videos. She said that she was just having fun with her friends.

Concluding words:

The article provides a complete description of the life of a multi-talented, young, and beautiful girl. We have discussed the various achievements and passions of Piper Rockelle. The article has also discussed her bikini shoot controversy.

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