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You might have heard about car accidents due to street racing or high consumption of alcohol. Rebecca Grossman: a well-known name is a wealthy Los Angeles’ socialite and philanthropist. She has an accusation of running over a car and killing two young brothers during allegedly racing in her Mercedes.

Rebecca Grossman ran over two young boys: Mark and Jacob Iskander, aged 9 and 11 years. She ran over her Mercedes on them in West Lake, California. She has got charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter for running over the kids.

Story of the horrible incident:

The two young kids were walking with their family at around 7:10 p.m. and crossing a three-way intersection with a marked crosswalk. Suddenly their parents heard the noise of a speeding car approaching with no spotlight on them.

The police said that the parents tried to reach out to protect them, but they could only grab their other two children Zackary and Violet. The two innocent kids who died in that incident were far away and were hit by the white Mercedes.

Grossman was driving her car over the 45 miles per hour speed limit and may have been racing.

Unfortunately, Mark was killed on the spot, and a few hours later Jacob died in a hospital. The justice remains ambiguous for kids’ parents even after more than 14 months of the tragic incident.

Rebecca Grossman’s Court appearance:

Rebecca Grossman finally showed up at court for her hearing. She was free for more than a year on $2 million bails.

The judge Shellie Samuels intended to set a date for a preliminary hearing. But Grossman’s Lawyer Richard Hutton was seriously ill and he was unable to make sure his appearance at court. So he was unable to go forward with the case.

This forced the judge to postpone the case to let her find a new lawyer.

Judge remarks on dragging the case:

The judge Samuels ordered the socialite to find some other lawyer with the order “No later than March’’2022. He asked Rebecca to bring a lawyer who would be prepared and represent you for a preliminary trial. Samuels asked Grossman to arrange a new attorney who will prioritize the case.

The judge apologized to the victim family for dragging the case in court. He said that it was “unfair” on the victim’s family for the case to go on for a long time even for more than a year. The decision-maker and other people n the curt also showed sympathy towards them for their suffering.

Known facts about Rebecca Grossman:

Let’s discuss some interesting facts about the life of Rebecca Grossman:

  • The sources claim that Grossman owns the Burn Foundation
  • She is the philanthropic arm of Grossman Burn Centers
  • The Burn Foundation treats the victims of various kinds of burns worldwide
  • Rebecca Grossman has also have won the “Woman of the Year” award in 2007
  • The socialite lady has also been associated and involved in many humanitarian causes including human rights and the American Heart Association
  • She has also been working for the prevention of violence against women for a long time


The article discussed some re-known facts about the personal and professional life of Rebecca Grossman. We have provided you with information about the tragic car accident by her, leading to the death of two young boys.

In addition, her court hearing has been discussed. The article also portrays light on the injustice and unfair treatment of the victim family.

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