Popular Online Casino Technologies That Are on the Rise

Technological advancements and improvements have had a significant effect on online casinos. Online gamblers today have a more entertaining online gambling experience than ever before with the introduction of live blackjack & live roulette games. High technological advancements are on the rise that’ll affect online casinos even more in the future.

Slot Games in 3D

More slot games are being designed in 3D format. These 3D slots offer players crisp 3D images and a more realistic experience. The best developers, namely Play’n GO, Microgaming, and NetEnt, have created the most fantastic slot games to date with 3D imaging. Given the popularity of 3D slot games, we expect that slot games will be designed only in 3D going forward.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Online gambling sites have partnered with data companies to employ AI software on their platforms. The AI software monitors all activity on the site and can tag anomalies like fraud or attempts of hackers to access the platform. Player activity and behaviour are also monitored to give players a more personalised experience. The possibilities of AI applications are limitless, and it has proven highly effective in significantly improving the safety of online gamblers. 

Live Casino Gaming

More online live casino games are popping up every day. This feature allows players to interact with a live dealer and other online players in real-time. Live casino games are loaded in seconds on a player’s computer due to advancements in technology. Cards and statistics are monitored and controlled by built-in AI software. 

Cloud Gaming

The cloud gaming platform gives players access to virtual machines. A cloud refers to servers that can be accessed over the internet, and databases run those servers. All cloud servers are located in data centres globally. Cloud computing or cloud gaming allows companies like online gambling operators to manage virtual servers instead of managing physical servers to run software applications. Gamers don’t need to install software to play games. Games can be accessed from any device if you have a username and password. 

Increased Banking Choices and Cryptocurrencies

More online casinos are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Cryptocurrencies are secure and fast. With the rise of altcoins after Bitcoin, the casinos will start accepting more altcoins to give their customers more banking choices and increased privacy. 

Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Virtual Reality technology is still a very new concept. It’s expected that this technology will give rise to a real-life online gambling experience where gamblers will be able to access gambling resorts virtually and be guided by avatars. This is a revolutionary change, and the competition to be the first online casino to present this feature is fierce as it’ll revolutionise online gaming. 


There are many technological advancements on the rise in the iGaming industry. Some online casinos already have some of this technology, but it’s only a drop in the ocean of what’s possible, what can be done, or what can be expected in the future. Online gamblers are in for a treat as all of these high-tech developments are geared to making their online gambling experience more enjoyable.

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