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Weddings are expensive. Did you know that the average cost of a wedding has more than doubled over the past decade? The cost of a wedding is only going to rise with the increasing number of couples who get married later in their lives. You can offset some of these expenses by becoming a “wedding planner”. This will allow you to control your spending and customize your wedding experience to suit your budget.

What is Pretend Newlyweds by Nikubou?

Pretend Newlyweds By Nikubou is a playful and interactive art project encouraging couples to pretend to be married. This project is based upon the belief that laughter and fun can create love.
Register online for your partner to take part in the project. Each participant will be invited to create an online profile once they have registered. Each couple will be required to fill out a profile online. This will include basic information such as their names, ages, and places of residence. They will also need to tell a story about how they met, and why marriage is worth it.

After all profiles are submitted, the public can vote for their favorite couple. The couple with the most votes will be invited to a Nikubou event where they can pretend to marry.

This project is intended to promote happiness and positive relationships among couples. Participants will also learn more about themselves through the project and how they relate with others.

The Benefits of Pretending to be newlyweds by Nikubou

It can be very fun to pretend you are newlyweds. You can pretend you’re in love and have the bonus of being able act out your fantasies. These are the benefits of pretending to be newlyweds with nikubou

1. It can build intimacy and trust in your relationship. Pretend Newlyweds is a safe environment that allows couples to express their fantasies and make them come to life. This can strengthen your relationship and provide you both with exciting new experiences.

2. Sharing experiences can help you bond. It’s a great way to bond with your partner, pretending you are newlyweds. This allows for deeper connections between you both and creates more memorable moments together.

3. This gives you something to do with your partner on special occasions or dates. You don’t have to go out dancing or watching a film. Why not dress up and pretend you are on vacation? This unique entertainment is available to you and your partner in a variety of ways.

How to Create Your Pretend Wedding by Nikubou

You don’t have to buy a dress or hire a photographer. These tips from nikubou will help you create your own fake wedding.

1. Choose the theme for your wedding. There are many themes you can choose from: country weddings, beach weddings and fairy-tale weddings. If you prefer, you can also choose a contemporary theme.

2. Select the type of photography that you want to use in your album. Traditional photography is a good choice if you want to keep things simple. You could also choose to add humor to your album with fun, quirky photos.

3. Decide on the color scheme for your wedding. As long as the color scheme matches your wedding theme, you can choose any combination of colors.

4. Choose your attire. There is no need to purchase new clothes. All you need is comfortable, stylish clothing that will make you feel beautiful on your big day.

5. You can either choose a venue for your reception or make it yourself! If you are looking for something intimate and romantic, a reception at your home is the best choice. A park or public garden might be better if you prefer an outdoor setting. You can plan ahead to ensure that your guests arrive at their destination with everything you need.

Guidelines for a Successful Pretend Wedding by Nikubou

Congratulations! You’re married! This is a significant occasion that should be celebrated to the fullest. These are some tips for a successful pretend Newlyweds party:

1. Always start with a happy end – If you are playing out your pretend marriage, keep an end in mind. You can role-play, or imagine yourself happy and content. Keep your eyes on the positive.

2. Playing together is a great way to make lasting memories. You can bond with your partner by guiding each other through dialogues and scenes. These memories will last a lifetime.

3. It should feel real – Create a Newlyweds session that feels authentic and real. Be intentional about bringing your relationship to life, from the conversations you have to how you gesture.

4. Have fun. If you approach pretending to be newlyweds with humor and appreciation for your partner’s contributions, it can be a very rewarding experience. Have fun, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company.

How New Couples Can Pretend They Are Newlyweds

It’s possible to pretend you are newlyweds and strengthen your relationship. Why? According to a Journal of Marriage and Family study, pretending to have just married couples helps them “enhance the sense of commitment, communication and trust.”

Spending time with your partner as though you are married can actually improve your sex life. Researchers discovered that couples who pretend they have been married for six month have more sex and are happier with their sexual relationships.

What can you do to make your dream come true? Find times that you both can relax and have fun. You could go for a walk along the beach, or out to dinner. Remember to tell your spouse how much you love them, no matter how silly it might sound at first. Act like it’s natural for newlyweds!

Five Things Every Newlywed Must Know

Communication is the key.

2. Always be open and honest with each other.

3. Don’t place too much pressure on yourself to create perfect marriages right away.

4. Enjoy each other’s company, but don’t take one another for granted

Spend time with your spouse outside of marriage to keep your love growing!


Congratulations! Congratulations! You are about to embark upon the most exciting adventure of your life. These tips will make sure your pretend wedding runs smoothly, no matter if you have been married before or if this is your first marriage. We have everything you need, from setting up a registry to selecting the right honeymoon destination. Grab a friend and get started planning the most memorable day of your life.

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