QR codes or Quick Response codes are optical labels that can contain a lot of information within them. The use of QR codes has increased a lot in the past few years in various industries. Companies use QR codes for multiple tasks of the organization. One can make use of a QR code generator to create codes.

Today, everyone has a television at their home, so if you can display the QR code on TV, then you can target a large population.

While watching television, most people are doing multitasking. Many people use mobile along with watching Tv. So, they have a mobile with them when watching the TV. Therefore, the chances of people scanning the code become high.

When brands use QR codes on TV, they can interact with the watchers. By scanning the code, people can be directed to the online content.

The companies can add the link of their promotional content to the QR code. So, when people scan the code, they can be redirected to the brand’s promotional content.

You can direct customers anywhere by the use of QR codes. You can land them on the product page, promotional content page, contact page, wherever you want. Seeing the wide use of television, displaying codes on TV seems impressive.

In this content post, we will focus on the use of QR codes on television to engage viewers.

6 Use cases of QR codes on TV

1. Direct people to your website.

If you tend to increase your website traffic to get more leads, you can direct people to your website through the QR code. For this, you need to embed your website link to the code. So, when they scan the code by their cell phone, they will reach your website. They don’t have to type the long website URLs to visit your website.

You can also add the QR code at the end of the advertisement. Only running your advertising because even if they have to check your products and services on your website, they have to type name or website URL. People may not be in the mood to put effort into typing, but when by a QR code, they can visit your website just with a single scan.

2. To increase your app downloads.

Today, companies are focusing a lot on promoting their apps because through the app; your customers can easily place orders for products, which may increase sales. But for this, you need to increase your app downloads. You can do it by encoding the link to the app download page.

When you display the codes on TV, you can expect a rise in the scans, increasing your app downloads. You can make use of a dynamic QR code generator to create the QR code and later display it on the TV.

3. To increase your social media followers.

Currently, utilizing social media has become one of the major ways to attract people to buy their products and services. So, one of the crucial goals of the companies is to increase their social media followers. It is possible with the help of the Quick Response codes.

Brands are building online communities so that they can engage them and provide information and updates to them. So, social media can be used for many purposes which can benefit your business. Thus, increasing social media followers is very important.

Companies can display the QR code on TV and direct people to your social media pages. Seeing the huge number of people watching tv, you can expect a big spike in your social media followers. Use a free dynamic QR code generator to create the code.

4. Increase sales of your products and services.

You can display the code on TV to increase the sale of your products and services. For this, you need to show the code with the link to your product page. Through this, you can drive a large population to your product or service page. You can expect a rise in leads and conversions.

Many companies use this technique to grow their sales. Whether you deal in products or services, you can use this technique to increase sales. This is one of the most important uses of displaying the code on television.

5. To provide discount coupons to people.

Providing attractive discounts is the best way to motivate people to buy your products and services. Almost all companies try to increase their sales by offering discounts to the customers. You can do the same to grow your sales.

You can create a discount coupon QR code by using the best free dynamic QR code generator. By scanning the code, people will receive a discount coupon which they can use when they buy any product or service from your company. When people receive discounts, then people tend to purchase products or services more. So, this is a good use of QR codes.

6. Allow people to add reviews or suggestions.

Reviews play a crucial role in online businesses. Most people read the reviews before buying the products. By reading the reviews, people can easily make their decision about purchasing the product. Reviews can even help you for SEO purposes. So, they are very useful for businesses.

By a QR code, you can land the people on the review page, where they can add their reviews or suggestions. You can use suggestions to make your products and services better.


In conclusion, we would say that a QR code can provide you with many benefits, and when it is displayed on television, a large number of people can see it and use it. So, the use of QR codes can provide great opportunities, and this trend can be a revolution in itself.

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