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Second-Hand Camera Versus New Equipment—Know What’s Best For You

Cameras are the essence of any photographer’s life, be it a young professional or an old hand in the field. There are many factors to consider while purchasing a camera. The first question that arises is whether to buy new camera equipment or a second-hand camera. Although purchasing the new equipment may be the first and safer idea, but this option may prove to be expensive. On the other hand, the latter choice may include an element of risk due to its repairing needs, but still may be quite rewarding.

All the assorted eminent brands can be found in the markets of even the second-hand camera stores in Australia, including mirrorless and DSLR cameras. There are various mirrorless cameras such as Canon mirrorless, Sony mirrorless, Nikon mirrorless and Olympus mirrorless cameras. There are many camera stores in and around Adelaide which can provide you with Nikon DSLR, Pentax DSLR, Canon DSLR, Leica DSLR, all sorts of cameras.

Here, we will try to answer your dilemmas by giving the pros and cons of each side, so that you can make an informed decision on your next purchase. Let us delve deeper into the differences between new and old camera gear.

Advantages Of P  urchasing Used Camera Equipment

The foremost reason why photographers choose to visit second-hand markets is simply that it’s cheaper. All you need to check before purchasing that piece is whether or not it is a well-sought-after camera or a rare model. If it’s neither of those, then the cost may be economical.

A crucial aspect to look into while buying second-hand cameras is their usage and the time period over which it was used. Ask queries such as how many months or years it was used. Time plays an essential role when it’s a matter of judging the price of a used camera. Check whether the warranty is still valid or has exceeded its expiry date.

It is advised not to buy a used gear with anything less than 15–20% difference from when it was new. Because any lesser than that, then it won’t be its worth.

Disadvantages Of Purchasing Used Camera Equipment

It’s always a risk buying already used items because we are not sure how the previous user had treated the article till that point in time and why had they given up the piece. It may have belonged previously to a very conscious owner who knew how to maintain things in a better-than-new state, or the camera might have seen some serious shocks in its life due to a reckless owner.

Hits, when appearing superficially, can be repaired easily as they are visible. But the unknown damage which is not visible outwardly may prove to be dangerous, as they can be detected only upon disassembling the article. There may not be a chance to notice it at the time of purchase and our only hope that can save us is the word of the seller. Also, it is important to make a note that a camera that has exceeded the duration of 20 years will mostly be without a warranty.

That’s why it is important to know the warranty period on the camera. Because otherwise, you will be on your own with it, and repairing might be a huge issue without a warranty. This is the reason why some used items are a little pricey than their other counterparts, as articles with a warranty will cost a little extra.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that a camera without a warranty is risky to purchase. And if you are doing that, be very sure that it is working fine. Don’t be a penny wise and a pound foolish. In order to look for cheap cameras, don’t buy cameras that will give you more headaches over repairing expenses.

Moving on, let’s look into the gains and losses of purchasing a brand new camera gear.

Advantages Of Purchasing New Camera Equipment

The major upside of acquiring new camera equipment is that the risk factor will be negligible and this will come with at least two years of warranty. So, this will save the product the repairing costs, shall the camera face any injuries. There will also be a very slim chance of the new camera equipment breaking down as opposed to the used cameras. You can find shops in Adelaide which retailers of photographic goods and have great offers and products for your camera.

And while you are investing in buying new gear, think of it as a one-time investment and try to make the best product, keeping the best offer as a secondary point. Because we all know how much it hurts repairing or returning a newly purchased product within a short span of its purchase.

Sometimes, it is of value to spend on new equipment which will give you the assurance of a long-lasting functioning, rather than saving a few bucks and facing the consequences later on.

Disadvantages Of Purchasing New Camera Equipment

The only prominent downside of procuring a brand new camera gear contrary to the second-hand equipment is the pricier tag. It is most likely that the new equipment will cost more, although second-hand ones may come even pricier than the new ones at times.

The only suggestion here is that you need to do thorough research on the price tags on the same models of different brands, be it online or offline platforms. Keep searching till you find the best deal or offer; do not decide on the first budget you see, as later you may find a much better deal. Better to do research before than to be sorry later.

How Can One Decide?

It all boils down to one equation, which is whether the risk of damage and the price of the item is inversely proportional or not. Excluding extreme cases of having a freak accident or burglary, this equation should always be considered.

If you are getting great second-hand gear with good enough working conditions, do not overthink, and just take it. This might save a lot of your repairing issues and fares and you may even take that trip you wanted in a long while. But if your budget agrees, go ahead and buy that new model, as it will save you from all the probable issues of repairing later.

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