SEO Rollouts That You Might Not Have Heard of This Year

Brisbane is one of the country’s technological seats of innovation. The city is located in the southeastern corner of Queensland and houses top Information Technology companies.

As a result, Brisbane has continually ranked on the Top 15% of the Innovation Cities Global Index, claiming the biggest number of patents from the country.

SEO has been considered the heart and science of getting your website on the higher sections of the search engine results page (SERP). Getting your business to the top of the SERP means increased business exposure, content discovery, and website traffic generation.

Getting the help of SEO companies Brisbane is one good step to bridging marketing goals that are often overlooked in the process. As such, it would help if you found the perfect partner who delivers and understands the craft’s inner workings and new updates.

Rollouts Affect Page Experience

Leading search engines like Google have spent the last couple of years perfecting the Core Web Vitals which measures the page experience of your website visitor. In the previous decades, metrics like site speed have been hard to understand and often confusing because of many factors.

Websites with a faster loading rate generally provide better user experience which equates to improved conversion. However, if your website has a sluggish loading rate, it would typically fall behind your competitors.

Although this factor is not relatively new, search engines have been exploiting such a relevant SEO algorithm. According to recent studies, faster websites tend to perform much better than ones that take a long time to load.

WordPress Theme Changes Can Now Impact Your Website Rankings

WordPress has normalised the idea of changing themes without putting too much effort into coding. However, these days, changing our website’s theme every week can now impact its overall search engine ranking.

However, it isn’t just about the colours and the pictures, but the HTML and JavaScript attached to your website. It also involves CSS – the HTML elements displayed on the screen and how search engines understand your website. By doing such weekly modifications, you are also upending much of the content, including the internal links.

On a bigger scale, Google changes its perception of your website’s quality, triggered by a sudden increase in bounce rate. Therefore, continually changing your website’s theme will impact your website ranking and its conversion rates.

Auto-generated Title Tags Can Influence Website Rankings

Google actually rolled out a new feature recently that automatically generates titles on your website. Although smart SEO companies in Brisbane can find a workaround to this problem, it can still impact your website’s user experience and overall website ranking.

Generally, a working strategy is to keep your titles concise while providing a full-page description. Most non-professionals will find it hard to use fitting words in their SEO campaigns, but a professional SEO team can generate the right words that users commonly use.

Moreover, Google is on top of the problem by addressing the issue and asks professionals to review titles that contain:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Long titles
  • Content lacking unique title tags

Search engines continually update their algorithm, adding and shifting inaccuracies that affect the business platform and website performance. A good SEO agency would be at pace with such changes to help your website rank faster and maintain its standing.

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