The Making of the Best Oktoberfest Ambassador

Oktoberfest is a traditional festival that began in 1810 in Germany in celebration of a wedding between a Bavarian crown prince and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. This international festival, commonly known as Munich’s Original Oktoberfest, has been held annually in Munich since 1811, spanning from the first Monday after 17 September to the last Sunday in October. In the US the Oktoberfest celebrations originated at The Ohio State Fair in 1872 . Unlike traditional Oktoberfests in Germany, which are held at beer tents, the Ohio State Fair version is held at an open air tent .

What Is an Oktoberfest Ambassador?

Oktoberfest ambassadors provide a friendly and welcoming environment for guests. Some tasks must get handled by each of them, including being available when needed, resting at designated places, providing directions/inside tips, explaining different traditions to divers, and helping guests find their seats. They must also dress traditionally, perform enthusiastically, and show their passion for dancing.

How Does an Oktoberfest Ambassador Promote the Festival?

All Oktoberfest ambassadors typically wear a garland and hold a mug, and their duties include visiting local bars and restaurants. With such a wide variety of towns to promote Oktoberfest in, ambassadors must be knowledgeable about the community which they live in, such as events that take place during specific times of year. How Does Someone Become an Oktoberfest Ambassador?. An oktoberfest ambassador must be responsible to learn all the facts of the festival and the values of Munich and enjoy the values that it brings. At this time, there is an ambassador program in place which places advertisements into Oktoberfest “Ambassadors” are young female workers who promote Oktoberfest to the masses. They demonstrate traditional dances for beer drinkers, help beer sales, and ingratiate themselves with customers.

Traditions of the Oktoberfest

The first Oktoberfest was held in the year 1810 by the mayor of Munich on his wedding anniversary. The little Bavarian decided to hold a party and openly invite everyone who’d be willing to attend. Traditions took off from there and now Oktoberfest is a way of life for many people all over the world. From Europe to North America, from Asia to Oceania, people celebrate Oktoberfest in their own ways. A few who have been celebrating longer than others are the Bavarians of Munich… A little more history on the festival: The first cart pulled by horses to serve soft drinks collided with a riderless horse-drawn carriage, injuring the driver.

Tips & Tricks for a Successful Oktoberfest Attendee

There are many ways to show your enthusiasm and be part of this fun event. Here are some important tips on becoming an ambassador: Wear an authentic German Dirndl or Lederhose while at the Fest. There is no other appropriate attire for attending Oktoberfest!


After reviewing the blog, it is easy to see that the author has a great skill set and ability as an ambassador. Which is why they were chosen as an ambassador. The blog may be for those interested in learning how to become better ambassadors as well as learning about Oktoberfest.

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