Ship Car To Ivory Coast

If you are going to relocate or remain in the nation of the Ivory Coast after leaving the United States, you should consider having your car shipped to the country as part of your relocation or residency. The Ivory Coast is situated in West Africa and is partially surrounded by the Gulf of Guinea, making car shipping easy.

Ivory Coast’s economy is mostly market-driven. Because of its importance as an agricultural hub, it depends on the prosperity of this business for its existence. It is also popular in Ivory Coast to enjoy music, sports, and cuisine of many kinds. People from all over the world like visiting this nation because of its rich cultural heritage.

How to Ship a Car

Shipping cars to west africa? There are two main ways to ship cars that are leaving the United States. These alternatives are less expensive and more dependable than air shipping.

Container shipment is a more expensive option, but it enables the vehicle’s owner to transport other things as well. To begin, you must choose between two different container sizes. After that, the car is loaded into a container and transported by ship. You have the option of filling both the car and the container with valuables. Everything must be permitted into West Africa. Customs can tell you whether or not the products you want to send are legal to ship. It is possible to share the container with another person in order to save shipping expenses.

Shipment of vehicles through RO/RO is the most affordable option. Only floor mats, a car jack, and a spare tyre are allowed in the vehicle. Otherwise, it must be completely empty. Then, the car is driven onto and off of the ship when it comes in and goes out of the country. There are certain ports that don’t support this procedure.

When a car is being delivered, the owner must be informed of the port where their vehicle will be delivered. To ensure that you get to the port on time for your vehicle’s arrival, it is essential that you plan mobility.

Ports will not keep a car for the owner’s convenience.

Shipping Destinations:

  • Abidjan
  • Abobo
  • Bouaké
  • Daloa
  • San Pédro
  • Yamoussoukro

Documents Required To Ship A Car To Ivory Coast

The Embassy of Cote D’Ivoire can assist you with the requirements for shipping a car to the Ivory Coast. They will provide you with the most up-to-date information on the regulations governing car shipping. However, it is reasonable to anticipate that some kind of documentation will be required.

  • Vehicle Title and Registration
  • Insurance Policy
  • Passport and Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Appraisal Value
  • Original Sales Contract
  • Residency Proof
  • License & declaration of import
  • The registration card
  • Lading bill
  • Certificate of non-sale
  • Residence permit

There will certainly be various criteria and standards that must be met prior to vehicle shipping. To have a better understanding of these criteria, it is recommended that you contact the Embassy of Cote D’Ivoire. In other words, the shipment won’t be possible until everything is taken care of.

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