The 8 Most Common Causes of Back Pain and Their Remedies

Did you know that a lot of people deal with back pain? If you want to learn about the common causes of back pain, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over common causes of back pain. You will learn about why you might suffer from chronic pain and how you can treat it.

Regular exercise such as using cycling videos online, will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. The back and ab muscles support your spine, making it easier to hold the spinal column.

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  1. You Don’t Get Enough Exercise

People who have a sedentary lifestyle can end up with back pain.

If you don’t exercise or sit for long periods, your central brain will get affected. The central brain helps to relieve pain symptoms. If you don’t exercise, you will end up feeling stiff and sore.

Regular exercise will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. The back and ab muscles support your spine, making it easier to hold the spinal column.

We hope this guide on the common causes of back pain was helpful. Consider how you can alleviate the pain in your back with Luminas pain patches.

Try completing core workouts. You can strengthen your back and abdomen muscles, and you’ll end up with improved posture and less stiffness.

If you don’t know what exercises to complete, ask a chiropractor or physical therapist. It’s never too late to begin working out and making exercise part of your routine.

  1. Poor Posture

Bad posture is typical today. People spend time too much time in front of computers or commute for long periods.

People tend to slouch, so their heads tip forward, and their shoulders protrude out. They don’t maintain the correct alignment.

The misalignment will end up putting stress and pressure on your back. Bad posture is a cause of back pain, and people aren’t aware of how their posture can impact their physical bodies.

Are you a desk worker? Look at getting a standing desk. Try pulling your shoulder blades together if you notice you’re slumping. Being aware of your posture is how you can start to fix it.

Try to correct your posture when you sit behind a desk or drive. You can improve your posture and your back pain.

  1. You Are Overweight

If you carry extra weight, you might end up dealing with back pain. Being overweight will strain the ligaments and muscles in your back. Excess weight will also place pressure on the supporting muscles and the spine.

People suffering from back pain also have food intolerances or IBS. If you carry extra weight, you’ll have a problem with posture.

Try to lose the extra weight you’re carrying. A doctor or nutritionist can work with you to create a nutrition plan to begin recovering from back pain.

You will also have more energy when eating a nutritious diet.

  1. Injury or Trauma

If you go through a traumatic event, your spine can become injured. The muscles surrounding the spine could get damaged, as well.

Trauma, when you aren’t expecting it, can hurt your back. Common accidents include sports injuries, slip, and fall accidents, or car accidents.

Symptoms might not show up right away after the accident. Yet, an impact on your spine can throw it out of alignment, and this will cause back pain over time.

If you’re dealing with severe pain, you might need to consider surgery. There are signs you might need to consider surgery for back pain.

  1. You Carry a Heavy Purse or Bag

People who carry a heavy purse or bag don’t realize they put an incredible strain on their upper back.

An overloaded bag can impact your spine. People who wear a backpack on one shoulder will create an imbalance in the body.

If you need to carry the bag often:

  • Use both straps.
  • Don’t overload the bag.
  • If you’re a purse user, make sure not to overload the purse.
  1. What About Sleeping Habits?

Back problems can get blamed on a sleep position or a worn-out mattress. Does your back hurt every time you wake up in the morning? Change your sleeping position, or look at buying a new mattress.

Pillows should keep your head in line with the spine. You can put a pillow between your knees, and this will maintain your spine’s natural curve.

Do you like to sleep on your stomach? Place a pillow below your pelvis, instead.

  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking has a connection to back pain. Nicotine in cigarettes will end up restricting blood flow to the discs and vertebrae. This causes the discs and vertebrae to age and break down faster.

It can interfere with the body’s ability to use and absorb calcium. This can lead to osteoporosis and back issues.

Are you a smoker? If you haven’t thought about this connection before, talk to your doctor. Learn about all the different effects smoking has on your body.

  1. Depression and Anxiety

A common cause behind lower back pain is when people have tension in their muscles. If someone feels stressed, their muscles will become tense and cause pain in their back.

The body releases cortisol, and this can cause tension in the shoulder and back muscles. This will also cause a build-up of fat around the midsection and add strain to the spine.

Try to treat your depression, or learn how to cope with stress. Practice exercises that will help you alleviate stress.

These Are the Common Causes of Back Pain

We hope this guide on the common causes of back pain was helpful. Consider how you can alleviate the pain in your back.

Complete different exercises to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. You should also look at eating a nutritious diet and remaining active.

Are you looking for more health tips on how to improve your wellbeing? We have a wide variety of resources on our blog.

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