The Benefits of Effective Absence Management

Staff absence management is an essential part of running a successful business. It’s a way for companies to support staff with health issues to stay in or return to work, while also monitoring and managing those individuals who take unjustifiable time off. The cost of employee absence can be high – the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) estimates the annual cost of sickness absence for UK businesses is around £554 per employee, with an average of 5.6 days off per employee. But effective absence management can help lower these costs and boost employee morale.

Absence Management Strategies

Managing employee absences requires a structured approach that’s fair to both employees and employers. This should begin with setting out clear expectations around the levels and reasons for taking leave, as well as outlining any policies that are available to cover different types of absences, such as sick days or vacation days. It’s also important that any changes in policy are communicated clearly to all employees so they understand their rights when it comes to taking leave.

Once these expectations have been set out, companies should ensure they have systems in place to monitor and manage absences effectively. This could include technology-based solutions such as automated reporting systems or attendance tracking software, which can help managers keep track of who is absent from work on any given day, as well as allowing them to view long-term trends in employee absences. Additionally, there should be processes in place for addressing issues quickly when needed – for instance if there is a sudden increase in absenteeism among certain staff members – so the issue can be addressed before it becomes worse.

Finally, it’s important that companies provide support for employees who experience health issues or other difficulties that may cause them to take long periods of time off from work. Offering flexible working arrangements such as job sharing or part-time hours could help make it easier for individuals to return after an extended period away from work without having their productivity suffer due to reduced hours or missed deadlines. Additionally, providing access to mental health resources through Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) could help reduce the amount of time taken off due to stress or other health conditions by providing employees with the tools they need to cope better at work.


Staff absence management is an important aspect of running a successful business and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having effective policies in place around leave requirements and communication procedures will not only help reduce costs associated with absenteeism but also boost overall morale among your staff members by making sure everyone feels supported during difficult times. Additionally, offering flexible working arrangements and access to mental health resources can further improve the well-being of your staff while helping them stay productive even when faced with challenging situations outside the workplace. All this adds up to create healthier workplaces where people feel valued and respected – something we can all appreciate!

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