The revival of retro, all you good

Are you an old soul stuck in the 21st century? Are you still trying to embrace the geek chic in you? Were you among the ones that were considered to be uncool but you actually did follow the trends and be different from the trends?

We would like to welcome you to the club!

Hi everyone! You have landed on the exact right page and we are glad that you are still reluctant to give away the old soul you are.

Having said that, which era do you live in?

The eras of fashion

Which time zone are you actually into?

We absolutely know that it is surely a trick question and you might like the rocks of the 70s and 80s but you have a soul of Y2K and you live in this current era where technology is going all gaga. Earlier it was much better when we had less of an idea about the internet and social media and having face-to-face interactions with our friends. Wish we could turn back time to the good old days.

Accurate revival

Here are a few items that actually had the best of the revival times from Y2Kor it could be from the 80s or 70s. We did witness the boom of minimalistic fashion as well in the industry but what happened to that? Why was it soon changed in bold and loud fashion? Why did we go back in time and bring back the screaming fashion and merge it into the current scenario?

The best theory would be the influence of the pandemic, people have been stuck in their homes for years and it created a monotony. People looked for a shift that is the opposite of minimalism that brings something much more colour and style. What has to be kept in mind is that a pandemic has forced people to move out of their closed doors and explore something that is loud and something that has never been tried before. The revival of Y2K is the response that came out of close encounters. But the trend of Y2K has changed to the current. They have been merged beautifully so that it suits the fashion consciousness of our current generation.

Things from revival

Here are a few items that we are super happy about that they made a comeback and all for good, so let’s look at them in detail. For more updates on fashion and eyewear, just visit Specscart facebook page.

Retro glasses- When it comes down to fashion, the best one could ask for is bringing up something super superior at that era and could be easily adjustable to the current one as well. What could have been a better option than bringing retro glasses? Retro glasses for men are something that has been of equal prominence in every era, be it 50s to the 2020s, the use of glasses and fashion will never change, though the trend might but not the use. It could be rimless beauties or tint on tints or oversized ones. You will never get over them easily.

Blown-up hair– One trend that has blown up social media is the trend of blown-up hair. We all have wondered about looking at Julia Robert as a pretty woman and wished to have hair just like her. Now it has made a comeback and all for good, people took to the internet with odd methods to get blown up hair and when they are paired with retro glasses frames it gives an absolute vibe of a retro classic. With a baggy t-shirt and flared jeans from, your geek chic look is ready in no time.

Baby tees- This is something that has been all-time favourites, crop-tops in baby blue or baby pink colour with some sketchy thing written on it. It always looked extremely pleasing and pairing them with capris was a thing, but this time you could try to get it with your favourite denim. Sweater vests are another thing that could be well paired with a long sleeve shirt or a dress with your favourite denim. They are petite and give a sophisticated look altogether, making you want to go to Hogwarts.

Butterfly clips- I do not remember any of my hairstyles without having these butterfly clips on. They are extremely pretty and one could never get enough of talking about the beauties these clips actually are. With multiple colours and pretty designs, these clips were a staple pick in Y2K fashion and now people are again donning these. Going all retro completely is what you should be focusing on when it comes to satisfying your geek soul.

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