Things To Know About Car Accident Settlements Before You File

Getting into a car accident is something that nobody looks forward to when they head out for a drive. Blaming the other party for the accident is easy, but proving liability and recovering compensation is not. You must have the right evidence and strategic arguments to claim your money. 

Before you file a compensation claim for your car accidents, there are certain facts you should know. The average person has little to no knowledge of the law system. When they attempt to handle these claims on their own, they are often faced with surprises. The better and safer option is to hire a personal injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids. Lawyers have years of experience and expertise in their field, so you do not have to worry about anything going wrong. 


Things to know about car accident settlements before you file 

  • Settling too early can cost you. 

When you get into an accident, one of the first calls you may receive will be from the insurance company. The insurance company makes sure to call you right after the accident, the period when you are yet not sure about your injuries and other damages. The trick is to convince you to accept a lower settlement by making it look like a big amount. However, you should never accept a claim without first analyzing your damages and consulting with an attorney. 

  • Once you accept the money, you release them from liability. 

A car accident settlement is the final and closing step of a car accident case. Once you accept the deal or amount offered by the other party and sign the agreement, you officially release them from any future liabilities. Because they have already paid you for causing your damages, they are no longer liable for your injuries. If later you feel like the amount is less, you cannot file another claim. Therefore, you should never hurry to settle a claim. 

  • The settlement offer can be lower than your claim’s worth. 

It is only natural to want to get the money you deserve when you seek compensation. However, that is not always the case. In most cases, the insurance company gives you less money than your claim’s worth. They will try their best to settle the lowest amount possible. 

When you combine all the damages, your claim could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. To make sure you get the amount you deserve, you need to gather evidence. An attorney in Cedar Rapids can significantly help you throughout the process. 

  • The first offer is the lowest. 

When you begin the negotiation process with the insurance company, know that the first amount offered is always the lowest. They only offer you this to see if you know how much your claim is worth. In most cases, this amount is not enough to even cover half of your damages. 

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