Three reasons to buy a property in Port De La Mer, Dubai

Dubai embodies the United Arab Emirates, its trademark for luxury and comfort. Real estate in Dubai attracts expats, who make up about 90% of the city’s population. Many foreign nationals purchase housing not for permanent residence but for investment to receive a stable income and save money from inflation. There are over 60 freehold zones in the city where citizens of other countries can own flats and apartments. The authorities have introduced these measures to prevent infringement of the locals’ interests. However, this measure does not prevent profitable investment in ready-made or off-plan projects in Dubai. Port de La Mer in Dubai is one of the city’s communities. Unlike the most sought-after communities in the city, it is becoming popular, but it opens up wide opportunities.

Why investing in a property in Dubai in Port De La Mer is profitable?

2021 demonstrated the interest of foreign investors in the local housing. In 12 months, there were almost 84,200 transactions for the sale of flats, apartments, and houses. The increase in transaction costs was 72%, which indicates that rising real estate prices do not scare off potential homeowners. Port De La Mer offers off-plan properties for sale in Dubai from developer Meraas. During 2022, the housing will be put into operation. There are at least five reasons to buy real estate in this community.

Good territorial location

The village is located in the central part of the exclusive Jumeirah 1 area on the first line of the coast. There are the city’s main attractions, and residents can enjoy the comfort of a gated community.

Developed infrastructure

The area has everything you need for life, from playgrounds and recreation areas to swimming pools and fitness clubs. In addition to the landscaped embankment, there is a parking lot for yachts.

Investment attractiveness

Houses and flats in Dubai are in high demand all year round, the tourist season is not limited to specific seasons, which allows you to rent real estate constantly. The cost of housing stock is lower than in the resort cities of Europe or megacities of the USA. The housing profitability ratio is consistently high, which provides a significant profit.

Prices for property for sale in Dubai in Port De La Mer

The housing stock includes apartments, duplexes, and townhouses. The cost of housing depends on the area, the degree of comfort, and the number of bedrooms and starts from $300,000. Detailed information about the pricing policy of the district and current real estate listings is available on the AX Capital website. In the agency’s catalog, you can find both apartments and villas for sale in Dubai.

Recommendations of real estate agencies in Dubai on the choice of housing in Port De La Mer

Studying the layout of apartments for sale in Dubai, you should choose an investment strategy. If you plan to make a profit from resale, you should choose off-plan projects in Dubai. They increase in value when the property is put into operation. If you want to move to the UAE in the near future, you should choose a ready-made housing. It is also more profitable to make a return on a lease in a short time. A wide range of options among urban real estate allows you to find your own for any purpose.

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