How to Track a Phone Number in India: Tracking Locations Online

When kids or our spouses come home late then it can make us worry and suspicious. In this scenario, it is necessary to track their mobile phones to know where they exactly go. Now most probably, you are thinking about how it can be possible? 

Well now locating someone is very pretty easy in this digital world. The most common way to track a phone number is by using Google Maps but there are many other ways on which you can relay which I am going to describe here.

This article will provide you with information on how you can track a phone number by using Google Map and also introduce the best mobile tracker app with Google Map. 

Method 1. Use a phone number tracker app Spylix 

To use Google maps you must have to take the other person’s permission to track her or him. It means that if you want to track someone without knowing them then you cannot do it by using Google Maps. 

This is where you need a mobile tracker that tells you the current location of someone. Here I have provided the best phone number tracker applications on which you can rely : 

Spylix – the best way to track a phone number secretly

Spylix is one of the best phone number tracking applications that permit users to track any number to find the exact location. Many people have used this application for tracking purposes and almost 94% have provided positive reviews. 

By using this application you can easily track the real-time location of your target phone number. It will also let you monitor other activities that the phone number owner is performing on the phone. It works excellent on Android and iPhone devices. 

Features of Spylix 

As the top phone number tracker offers the following features to its users: 

  • Advanced tracking

Many tracking applications provide limited tracking features, but Spylix lets you track phone numbers along with many other additional activities associated with the number such as calls, messages, and even emails. 

  • Run secretly 

Spylix works secretly without being detected so the other person will never be able to find out that you are tracking him or her. 

  • GPS tracking

Spylix uses a GPS tracking feature to track the location of the target phone number. It provides the real-time location of the person including the recently visited places and coordinates. 

  • Easy configuration

It is very easy to install and use. It supports Android as well as iOS devices. It offers a user-friendly interface to the people so they can easily track down the target phone number. Additionally, it does not require to root or jailbreaking of the target device to set up. 

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  • Geofencing 

It lets you geofences some specific areas and whenever your target phone number enters or leaves that specific area you will be notified instantly. 

Steps to track a phone number via Spylix

Spylix gives you the instant ability to track any phone number after setting up the application in 3 simple steps as described below: 

Step 1. Visit Spylix’s official website and register yourself for a free account.

Step 2. Install and set up the application by using the guidelines provided.

Step 3. Log in to your control panel and track the exact location of your target phone number. 

Method 2. Use Google map

Google map is a very handy tool that comes pre-installed on smartphones. while traveling, it provides heads up on traffic conditions or any other hazard on the way. 

This application can be used to track a phone number easily. As smartphones have GPS systems that help Google map to get the accurate location of the phone number. 

Google maps can also provide many additional data including nearby device sensors, mobile networks, and Wi-Fi. 

To use this method it is important that you have a mutual understanding with the person that you want to track. You have to configure the person’s mobile phone to share the location with you. 

There are two basic ways through which you can track a phone number by using Google Maps. You can either enable the location sharing feature in Google Maps of your target person. Or you can also send a request to your target person to share his /her location with you. 

Method 3: mTracker – number tracker for android 

mTracker is an efficient Android mobile phone tracker app that permits the users to track any number or even a fixed-mobile line. By using this application you can find the exact location of the phone number and even find the city, whether it is Mumbai or Delhi. 


  • You can easily track caller ID even it is an unknown call
  • It lets you search for phone number details like ISD code even if you are offline.
  • It can allow you to block any unwanted or spam call


  • It offers limited features, especially as compared to Spylix
  • It is completely an Android app so you cannot use it for any iOS device.
  • It can not work in stealth mode as you have to send invitations to your friends to add to your address book. This is risky as you can be detected by the person.

Method 4: By using reverse phone lookup service

BeenVerified is an online Website that contains aggregated public data collected from social media accounts and public records and it is widely used for searching people. 

It provides a reverse phone lookup feature by using which you can extract all the information about specific phone numbers including the current residential and old address. By using this platform you can also know the court history, arrest details, and driving records of the phone number owner. 


  • It provides the GPS location of the phone number
  • It also offers to track email addresses and social media applications that are linked with that particular phone number
  • you can find the name and caller ID of the caller by using this service.


  • It is an expensive way of tracking a phone number as compared to Spylix which is much cheaper.
  • Its data panel is very unhandy and the data looks scattered.


Whether you want to reveal the identity of an unknown caller or want to spy on your family member or friend, phone number tracking is the best solution. By using online available tracking solutions you can easily track any number. 

You can go with Google maps or reverse phone lookup services but the most efficient, secure, and secret way of tracking a phone number is by using Spylix. 

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