Top 5 Highest-Paying Crypto Faucets to Know About in 2022

With cryptocurrency being a widely popular area for investment, many people want to know if there is any way to earn without investment. These days it’s possible to get into the crypto sphere without pooling a single cent at the start, and this method is called a crypto faucet. 

Crypto faucets are platforms that pay enthusiasts for completing quite simple but important tasks such as clicking links, solving puzzles, or watching product videos. You might think that this method doesn’t let you earn much, and you will be right: these tasks have tiny payouts, and until there is a larger sum accumulated for withdrawal, all this crypto is kept in a micro wallet. The good news is that one doesn’t need to do anything to create one as the wallet is made automatically at the signup. 

Still, since the dawn of crypto faucets in 2010, a lot of time has passed, and now we can already make use of better and higher-paying faucets. That is what this short article is all about — finding reliable faucets for trade Ethereum for bitcoin and altcoins to earn more than everybody expects. 

How to Receive More Earnings With Crypto Faucets and How to Use Them Right

Whereas the principle of work of faucets is simple, actually earning with their help can be more challenging. Be ready that to get a considerable amount, you will need to use several faucets at a time. 

What else can you do to top up faucet productivity? 

Rotator sites are a treasure when it comes to dealing with a few faucets. Its main role is allowing users to access many faucet tools without the need to log out in any of them. 

5 Best Paying Cryptocurrency Faucets to Try Out In 2022

In this section, we collected our personal top of faucets fit for Bitcoin and Altcoin earning. 

1. FreeBitcoin. 

Old but gold, as it’s said. In comparison with other BTC faucets, it pays higher and allows instant withdrawal with a minimal amount of $1. This faucet lets you earn the so-called Satoshis and take them home in Bitcoin equivalent.

2. Cointiply. 

Chasing and getting bigger rewards with this faucet is the reality. From 18 to 100,000 coins are available every hour, as well as coin multiplying bonuses. Exciting games and surveys can help you earn more. Users withdraw Bitcoin right to their wallets.

Cointiply pays around 200 Satoshi per single activity (in an hour’s time) on average, depending on complexity. 


With the Grab faucet, you won’t get bored as there is a large number of various tasks to earn Bitcoin. Extra rewards are possible thanks to the referral program — a 25% commission reward as an additional perk. 


Among the faucets providing access to many crypto coins, this one opens up over 13 different coins (such as DOGE, Bitcoin, LTC, Stellar, Dash, Solana, and Cosmos), and the number is still expanding. Besides the opportunity to earn free tokens, here, you also get an exchange and price calculator tool, web miner, and a lucrative referral system. 

5. Faucet Crypto.

Nearly 20 cryptocurrencies are earned here by taking surveys, watching videos, and ads. An upper level gives you a 20% commission discount for a lifetime on a condition that a person you invite produces fees. 

Where to Exchange Crypto in a Fast and Safe Way? 

Playing with faucets is nice and fun, but have you thought about separate exchange instruments? If you need to convert, for example, BNB to BTC, we can recommend for this purpose as it boasts automatic best rate search, total security and data protection, and over 360 coins for purchase. 

All in all, crypto sphere is for everybody who wants to refresh their financial portfolio and earn free coins, like with crypto faucets as an extra source of income.

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