Buying Guide for Silver Rings for Brides to Be

Silver has been recognized as one of the most prominent metals used for jewelry. Silver as a piece of jewelry has been used for centuries, and it is still a favorite of a large amount of the population. Silver engagement rings are often the first choice for couples who don’t want to spend a lot but want exquisite wedding jewelry. Silver rings for girls hold enormous importance for marriage ceremonies. You want to look gorgeous and out of the box simultaneously, and silver rings are the best for this. Here’s the complete buying guide for silver rings for brides-to-be.

What Must You Know About Silver Rings?

Before jumping to the conclusion of buying a silver ring for your engagement or wedding, you must be aware of some properties of silver and the type of silver mainly used for engagement rings. Silver as a metal is soft and highly malleable. Therefore, pure silver is too weak to be made into a ring that can last for years. That is why sterling silver is used for making wedding rings. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

We also have Mexican silver on the list, which is anywhere between 90% to 99% pure silver. Silver rings are not durable as compared to gold or platinum rings, so they require a little more attention from your side.

What Are the Pros for Buying Silver Engagement Rings?

Silver engagement rings are one of the favorites in couples, and there are some significant reasons behind this statement. 

1) The Flawless Glowing Look

No other metal has the inner glow, radiance, and natural brilliance which a silver ring possesses. The look of a silver ring cannot be matched with any in terms of its shine and glow. 

2) Affordable 

Compared to other gold and platinum rings, silver rings are highly affordable. While these rings are extremely lavishing in looks, their prices are also pocket-friendly. 

3) Uniqueness

Because silver is highly malleable, it is the first preference of jewelers. There are some unique silver ring designs that you can find on Paksha if you are looking for silver rings jewelry online in India. Silver rings are crafted by professional craftsmen and have a sense of uniqueness.

4) No Plating

Silver rings do not require plating. While gold and platinum rings are plated to increase their durability, silver rings do not require any process. Silver maintains its white, lustrous shine without plating.

How To Care for Silver Rings?

Silver rings can be easily cleaned with a silver cloth available on the market. A silver cloth can be used to rub the ring gently now and then so that its lustrousness can be preserved. You can also use a silver cleaning fluid for better results. 

Things To Take Care of While Buying Silver Rings?

While buying silver rings, you must be aware of some things to get the right product on your fingers. 

1) Buy From Authentic Stores

Always buy your piece of jewelry from an authentic website outlet like Paksha, which deals with hallmarked products. 

2) Don’t Fall for Alternatives

Don’t fall for brass or copper rings that are silver or gold plated. These rings are not durable and are of low quality as compared to silver rings. 

3) Check The Certificate

If you are buying a silver diamond ring, then you have to check the certificate for the diamond. This certificate should come from a reputed laboratory that will define the diamond’s grade info. Don’t buy one if the silver diamond ring does not have any information similar to this. Always stick with jewelers you trust and who have strong reviews on the internet.

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