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Virtual wallet: How to launch e-payments for all types of business


A virtual wallet is an effective way to attract visitors to the website. Soft solutions are suitable for both freelance outsourcers and online stores. This payment platform is used not only by businesses but also by streamers and fans of online gambling. Note that mentioned services can also be included in the payment methods of aggregators. It’s much more interesting for a business that knows its specifics than Internet acquiring and payment aggregators.

Wallet Factory Company is a reliable partner for e-wallet implementation despite the business direction. It’s suitable for telecom, banks, retail, and other ones. The application can be easily developed according to personal needs as there is easily adjusted white label software. Visit website to get acquainted with the decent information, prices, and other quirks of development and partnership.


The wallet application is popular due to

  • Simple connection – sign in and use immediately.
  • Instant transfer of funds between wallets.
  • All you have to do is attach the card once and you won’t have to enter the data manually each time. You just need to select a card from the list to make a payment.
  • Transactions availability around the world – no restrictions on service.
  • Providing daily reports on digital manipulations.
  • iPhone and iPad users can pay for their purchases in the app with Visa and Mastercard payment systems, as well as with the help of Apple Pay.
  • Accepting costs in 150+ currencies from 200+ countries and a payment form localized in 19 languages will make the financial processes more convenient for customers around the world.
  • There’s multi-level protection of your personal data, so fraudsters will not be able to reach your funds. In particular, Wallet Factory leaves out the transfer of personal data of its customers to partners, which further increases security when paying for online purchases and various services.
  • Track the details of each payment for prompt decision-making in your business system: status, amount, write-off and payment creation date, currency, and other parameters.
  • Transfer of funds is performed in a short time.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Several integration options (acceptance of bank cards, payment by link and QR code, as well as through Internet banking).
  • Providing detailed instructions for integrating the service.
  • You can use any device, regardless of the operating systems installed on it.

Wallet Factory specialists systematically update the app to keep it up to date and improve the available functionality. The business owner can easily request access to a demo version – this way you can form a comprehensive view of it. We also provide the customer with the availability of technical support, reliability of the supplier, stability of the technical solution, and speed of integration. The e-wallet is one of the convenient payment methods that increase the average check. Therefore, businesses are clearly interested in such solutions and are ready to deal with them.

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