What Are The 4 Most Common Torts?

When we think of nations with a high level of criminal activity, we usually think of war-torn countries with tyrannical regimes and shaky economies. However, crime is a big problem in the Western world too, and the USA is no exception. 

Every year, more than 10 million individuals are arrested in the United States. Some crimes, however, are more prevalent than others. No wonder, more and more lawyers are witnessing personal injury clients contacting them. 

Let us talk about the 4 most common torts in the United States of America.

Theft and Robbery

The most common criminal offense in the US is theft. Technically, to conduct theft, a person must steal someone else’s property without the individual’s consent and with the goal of permanently depriving the person of its use or ownership. For instance, shoplifting, pickpocketing, bicycle theft, motor vehicle theft, breaking and entering, all fall under the category of theft.

Robbery is not a synonym for theft, as many people believe. Robbery is one of the top ten crimes in the United States. Unlike theft, robbery involves some kind of violenc since it is committed on or near a victim. This can include robbing a shop, being robbed on the street, or sticking up a grocery store employee. It entails using force to obtain money or commodities.

Because of the violent nature, it is a more serious offence than stealing. As a result, robbery carries a potential punishment of life in prison.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can include the purchase, sale, or trafficking of prohibited narcotics. Drug offences of various kinds are quite widespread in the United States. In America, someone gets jailed for drug possession every twenty-five seconds, a pace that has increased rapidly since the 1980s. Furthermore, one-fifth of those already incarcerated are there for a drug-related offence.

Drug laws vary from state to state; for instance, some states have entirely legalized cannabis usage, whilst in others, cannabis use is forbidden. That is why it is critical to understand your state’s drug laws.

Drug offences are frequently in flux. In truth, many people are currently doing time for offences that are no longer punishable by law. That is why it is critical to be watchful in order to understand what is and is not lawful.

Property Crimes

Property crime is another of the most common types of crime committed in the United States. While there are various sorts of crime that come under this category, this is the umbrella under which a lot of crimes are perpetrated.

Except for arson, most property crimes do not result in injuries or death. Property crimes can be classified into four types – 

  • Larceny-thef
  • Burglary
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Arson

Larceny-theft is the unlawful carrying, stealing, or riding away with another party’s property.

Burglary, often known as breaking and entering, happens when a person enters a structure illegally in order to conduct a felony of theft..

Motor vehicle theft is the illicit procurement of motorbikes, cars, trucks, SUVs, buses, and other vehicles.

Many people have this impression that arson means murdering someone by setting a fire. However, this view is not correct. Should a perpetrator intentionally murder another person by starting a fire, the perpetrator will mainly be convicted of the crime of murder (possibly in combination with the crime of arson). In connection with the crime of arson, however, it is not required that anyone has actually died or even been injured. Instead the focus is on the perpetrator’s setting fire and on the perpetrator’s actions entailing a high risk. 


An assault is the act of someone physically harming you by, for example, hitting, kicking, biting, tearing, poisoning or shaking. You can be assaulted by someone at school, by someone unknown or by someone you know well. Sadly, different sorts of assault are a widespread crime in the United States. Depending on the sort of assault, the offence can be tried as a felony or misdemeanor.

In the US, assault can be categorized as one of the following – 

    • Assault and battery
    • Simple assault
    • Aggravated assault
    • Affray
    • Aggravated battery
    • Assault causing serious injury
    • Assault with intent to kill
    • Assault with a deadly weapon

These offences can potentially become more severe depending on who is involved. For example, assaults against children under the age of twelve, women, school staff or volunteers, public transit workers, sports officials during a game,  pregnant women, first responders, or other state employees.


In the United States, certain crimes are more common than others. If you are accused with any of these offences, you may face harsh penalties if you do not have adequate legal representation.

If you’ve been charged with a property offence,burglary, theft,  violent or sexual assault, robbery, or DUI, seeking legal counsel might safeguard your future.

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