What are the benefits of running a remote business?

Running a remote business can feel like an incredibly daunting undertaking because you can’t stay updated as regularly with your team’s progress (at least in theory), ask for help from colleagues as easily, keep a team morale booster, or meet clients in a professional setting.

However, many of these issues can be easily overcome with a few tweaks to your working routine and should not limit your progress.

In fact, far from being an obstacle to success, running a remote business can put you at a tremendous advantage over your competitors. Not only are you able to be considerably more flexible than if you ran a traditional bricks-and-mortar business, but you can work harder, have access to a wider range of talent and lower your overhead costs.

These are some of the key benefits of running a remote business:

You can work wherever you want

One of the most compelling benefits of running a business remotely is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

This is fantastic for two reasons. The first is that you can enjoy a far richer and more rewarding lifestyle while you run your business – travelling the world, keeping up with your hobbies, having more time for loved ones and having time to stay fit outside of working hours.

A boost to your lifestyle is not to be underestimated. While working on your business is vitally important, you will be unable to deliver to your full potential if you are not rested, have poor mental and physical health, or fail to enjoy any meaningful life experiences.

The second reason why being able to run your business wherever you want is useful is that it dramatically lowers your overhead costs.

Without the burden of full-time office or other real estate payments, electricity, and water bills, you can cut down on monthly expenditures.

Of course, if you do need office space from time to time, you can always find shared office space in London.

You can develop a routine that works for you

Another fantastic benefit of running a remote business is that you can choose your own office hours, by and large. While the demands of your customers will define when and how much you ultimately work, you have far more control over your own routine than if you run a conventional office-based company.

This allows you to better fit the demands of running a business around your existing lifestyle. If you are naturally a morning person, then you can get all your work out the way earlier in the day, leaving you with more time to enjoy other pursuits.

You have access to a wider range of talent

A largely underappreciated benefit of running a remote business is that it offers you a far wider range of talent who can work for your company.

If you are stationed at one address, then you are limited to local people who can commute to your business address – or are willing to relocate. This is a small talent pool and can lead to you losing out against your international competition.

In contrast, a remote business can employ workers from all over the globe – ensuring you have the best available talent at a competitive price.

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