What Is A Headhunter? A Complete Guide

Do you find yourself needing to hire just the right person for your business, but you don’t have the time?

If this fits your situation, then a possible solution is to contact a headhunter to perform the candidate search for you.

Certainly, if you have always conducted this search yourself you may be asking, what is a headhunter?

To find out all the information you need to know about headhunters, read the rest of this article.

What Is A Headhunter?

Generally speaking, a headhunter is a person or company that provides job recruitment services on behalf of an employer.

Headhunters may also be referred to as executive recruiters and are given specific qualities or attribute to look for in potential candidates.

It is very likely that a  would specialize in a certain sector of the job market. In doing this, the headhunter can compile a pool of available talent they can try to match with certain job openings.

Headhunter companies also work for the hiring firm only. This only means they have the companies interest in mind first and foremost.

If a headhunter is able to match a candidate with a specific job opening, they are compensated by the hiring company, usually for a percentage of the candidate’s starting salary.

What Makes A Good Headhunter?

A good headhunter will carry himself professionally and respectfully. This may be an obvious trait, but one that is important to have. You do not want to work with someone who is rude or demanding.

With all good agencies, they will possess great people skills and an eye for spotting emerging talent.

A good headh unter will also vet any candidates before sending their contact information to the hiring company. This ensures that only the best candidates are being interviewed for the open position.

You also want to look for someone who is well prepared and knowledgeable about the niche they are working in and the type of candidates they are trying to find.

How To Select A Headhunter?

You can start by doing an online search for headhunters. You will probably end with a wide array of options, so you will need to do some checking around to narrow your options.

If you have a network in your industry, you can always ask a friend for a reference for a good headhunter or headhunter agency.

Once you have a shortlist of possible candidates you need to do some verification of references. Don’t be afraid to call and check with current or previous clients of the headh unter.

Lastly, make sure the details of the arrangement between you and the headh unter are made very clear. You don’t have time to squabble after you’ve hired the agency.

Time To Take The Next Step

Now that you’ve answered the question of what is a headhunter, it’s time to take the next step and decide if a headhunter is what your company needs.

Hiring a headhunter can be beneficial for you and your company because you free up resources to allow someone else to find specific, qualified candidates for you.

Let someone else do the searching for your next great personnel decision and get more work done in the meantime.

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