What Is the Role of Translations in International Marketing?

As a business goes global and moves into new markets, translation becomes vital for its survival since translation is needed for every part of a business website.

Of course, English is a prevalent language that is spoken by over 330 million people all over the world; if we are to include those that speak English as a second and third language, then we might see some unreal numbers. Since English is unarguably the most popular language globally, why do we need translation?

Why Do We Need Translation?

There is a need for translation for every business that needs to go international; even though most countries speak English as their second language, many prefer their native language.

Asian countries, for instance, do not joke with their language and culture, and remember Asia is the largest continent in the world; if you want to succeed internationally, then you need to translate any medium of marketing to the country’s native language.

Initially, geography was the only stop-gap between business and international marketing, but in this current age, the only known stop-gap is the language barrier. Businesses need high-quality translation done by professionals from a reputable translation services company to communicate and grow their customer base effectively.

With this said, we can conclude that translation isn’t going away any time soon.

Roles of Translation In International Marketing

  1. Reach A Larger Audience

Imagine owning an electric vehicle business, and after successfully conquering the local market, you decide to give the international space a trial. After careful consideration, you decided to establish a branch in an Asian country because, according to your expansion strategy, they have an affection for electric vehicles, and even Tesla even owns a branch there.

To compete with the best and gain a larger customer base, you decide to open a branch with a well-translated marketing plan; all handbills, digital signage, website pages, email messages, and poster bills are well written in the native language without any errors.

You would be amazed at how far your marketing plans reached after a few weeks to the role of translation. This shows that you leveraged ongoing deep for the locals and not only the ex-pats in the country.

  1. Website Optimization

As a new business owner, surviving the hurdles of an international market can seem impossible, but it is possible. Translation goes beyond word-for-word like we are familiar with using Google translation; translation entails understanding the culture of the international country and how they apply it using words.

Website optimization is the backbone of successful business hence the need for translation in international marketing. A poorly translated website will not rank as it should on search engines.

Using a translation services company for translation is similar to using an SEO expert for SEO content; you can’t go wrong with it. They translate all your website content putting the country’s culture and use keywords in mind to rank your business website for a better marketing campaign.


English is spoken by over 330 million people around the world, and when we include the numbers of people who speak English as their second language, then we would arrive at a number convincing enough to conclude that everyone on Earth speaks English.

Even though English is popular worldwide, it is essential for a business owner to translate all marketing mediums in the international market because most people who use English as their second language value their native language more. Translation puts you at the advantage of earning a larger customer base.

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