We Tried the Best Spray Sunscreen for Kids From Blue Lizard

Since our twins were born, we’ve always had issues when it comes to applying sunscreen, as they just couldn’t sit still for long enough. This led to a few unpleasant evenings coping with sunburn – mainly because we struggled to completely cover them. So, eventually, we decided to swap from our regular lotion to the best spray sunscreen for kids from Blue Lizard.

It was the first time we’d ever tried a spray sunscreen and it was a pleasant surprise when we saw exactly how easy it was to apply. The packaging says ‘Spray, Rub in & Done’ and that’s a really accurate way to describe the method required. 

No Need to Wait in the Shade For 30 Minutes

It wasn’t long before we were starting to realize why this product was sold to us as the best spray sunscreen for kids, especially when we saw that mineral sunscreens work immediately! I can’t tell you what a bonus that is for someone with two young boys to look after. Making them stay inside for half an hour while our previous sunscreen was absorbed was a trauma in itself.

No such requirement with our new Blue Lizard sunscreen though, as it went on straight away and they were able to go out straight away. That said, if you’ve not used it before, there’s something you should know about how it’s applied.

Don’t Apply Mineral Sunscreen Like You Would Chemical Brands

Even when it’s being applied via a spray bottle, what you should be aware of is that mineral sunscreens have a much thicker consistency than chemical types. That means you need much less of it to cover the same area, as it’s something that will create a bit of a mess when you put too much on.

The SPF 50+ protection that it offers is instant, but even the best spray sunscreen for kids requires a little patience to ensure you cover every area of skin. 

Water Resistant Up to 80 Minutes!

Our boys absolutely love messing around in the pool or the sea, depending on where we are. Suffice to say, they love splashing and swimming, which had meant hourly reapplications of our previous chemical sunscreen over the time they were in the water.

However, the fact that our Blue Lizard spray sunscreen is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, we now get a lot more time to ourselves without the worry of keeping them constantly protected against sun damage. What’s more, the skin after application is smooth, due to the botanicals and antioxidants it contains. 

Compared to standard chemical sunscreen…actually, there is no comparison to be made, as this spray product has completely changed how we look at UV protection. It’s made our days out that much more relaxed and enjoyable too!

Try the Best Spray Sunscreen for Kids For Yourself

If you’re a parent of lively children like us, then you’re more than likely feeling our pain when it comes to keeping them protected against the sun. Take it from us, this spray product is one that makes such a difference – it’s even got them wanting to put it on themselves!

We didn’t know what to expect when trying this new product, but we absolutely do now and as such, we’re happy to recommend it to you too. 

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