What Threats Do Bots or Fake Accounts Pose for Casino Operators?

Provided you play your favorite gambling games on a licensed and regulated casino online site, you will undoubtedly have a good time. Legitimate casinos usually offer immersive games from the most innovative content providers, and the platforms are safeguarded by state-of-the-art security encryption technology. Thus, players never have to worry about the safety of their funds or identity information as they enjoy themselves in the lobby.

Regrettably, an alarming percentage of online casino traffic nowadays is known to come from bots or fake accounts. These malicious bots exploit the online casino platforms in various ways and often leave lots of damage in their aftermath. The harm inflicted by these bots is not only felt by casino operators, but honest players also bear the brunt.

Spare the next few minutes to discover how bots and fake accounts affect casino operators and what measures leading platforms deploy to win the fight against AI-assisted activity.

Lack of Trust and Negative Reputation

Just like in any industry, a casino operator’s reputation speaks volumes. Any casino user who is strict on their security (as all should be) will no doubt be looking into whether your casino platform hosts many fake accounts. A simple check of your casino’s reviews online could cast light on whether a platform can be trusted or not.

The bottom line is that the continued presence of bots and fake accounts in a casino platform casts a negative light on the operator. Like in any other business, this matters a lot because a lack of trust means an overall negative reputation, which translates to fewer players on the site.

Loss of Money

A casino is meant to be a place where you can relax and have fun as you spend your hard-earned money, hoping for a few wins here and there. Given the sheer volume of players, it is not surprising that large sums of money are involved in casino operations at any given moment. The creators of these bots know this, and they usually target these online casinos to find ways to gain financially.

One method the bots use to obtain financial info is through account takeovers. Account takeovers involve the illegal takeover of user accounts, usually intending to perform financial fraud and steal the player’s resources. Once an attacker has access to your customers’ accounts, they can steal customer information and, in turn, make unauthorized transactions through the credit card details. This is terrible news for casino operators as partial responsibility in compensating affected players will fall squarely on their shoulders because the loss of money occurred on their platform.

DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks bear significant consequences to any casino platform and represent a big headache to the casino operators. Usually, DDoS attacks are executed when a swarm of bots floods a casino site with high volume traffic.

Consequently, players start experiencing significant delays in loading times, and the DDoS attack may even cause a crash of the entire casino platform. Besides compromising a casino’s security and finances, the bots will almost certainly weaken the platform’s credibility if such attacks frequently occur on the casino platform. With a loss of credibility, casino players may move to a rival gambling platform.

Mitigating Measures to These Threats

From the look of things, the bot problem for online casinos seems to be getting worse. This is because hackers are getting smarter as they try to tap into the hefty amounts of cash that casino operators move. To mitigate the threats, some of the measures that top-tier operators have put in place include:

  • Monitoring for failed login attempts – Failed login attempts usually indicate an attack or a takeover attempt by a bot. Therefore, casino operators have an alert system triggered when login attempts fail a specific number of times. It is similar to what banks do when there are too many failed pin attempts with your ATM card.
  • Bot protection policies – With advanced technology, bots are increasingly becoming sophisticated. Many of them even mimic the actions of valid human accounts. As such, casino operators implement a bot management solution that is integrated within their web application and API protection. This offers protection to the casino’s website and digital assets.
  • Security software – Security software goes beyond installing a secure firewall and anti-virus system. It also involves the application of routine security checkups and security audits.
  • IP address tracking – Tracking down specific IP addresses from which the bots operate also helps casino operators to block and rid themselves of bot accounts.

Besides the measures we’ve discussed above, there are many more sophisticated systems that operators deploy to try and nip the bot problem in the bud. Fortunately, most operators are taking this problem seriously and fighting against malicious activity. So, if you are an online casino player, you generally have nothing to worry about as long as you play casino games at legitimate online casinos with a good reputation.

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