Where can I study bachelor of business fashion?

Where Can I Study Bachelor of Business Fashion?

Today, a Bachelor’s degree in the fashion business attracts a lot of HR managers because specialists who have completed relevant educational programs are known as universal ones. So, the decision to study the fashion business is a great investment for the future. Thus, even if you realize one day that the fashion industry is not exactly what you are passionate about, the knowledge and skills you have received would become useful in other business areas.

To become a Bachelor of business fashion, choose one of the best schools of fashion and design in the US — Istituto Marangoni Miami. The private educational institution offers several programs, which provide everything you need to know about the fashion world and, even more, prepare you for the future of the industry.

Fashion Business Bachelor’s Degree Program by Istituto Marangoni Miami

The program in the fashion business provided by the private university helps students to study:

  • Fashion management main features
  • Fashion marketing standards
  • Brand development strategy building
  • Identification of the product’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Organization of fashion business functioning
  • Social, cultural, economic, and historical basis of fashion trends
  • Customer relationship
  • Retailing and distributing
  • Evaluation of competitors
  • Market analyzing

Istituto Marangoni Miami considers that the fashion industry is constantly evolving, so it is necessary to acquaint students not only with the basics of the industry but also with current tendencies, novelties, and upcoming changes that can be predicted.

To ensure the relevance of the material being taught, the school of fashion and design provides a unique combination of US and European standards of fashion education programs. In addition, the school skillfully combines practical assignments with theoretical studies. So, students get an idea of the real work of the industry.

The Bachelor’s degree in the fashion business by Istituto Marangoni Miami opens a lot of opportunities. Graduates can apply for positions of managers, consultants, financiers, promoters, marketers, etc. or start their own businesses.

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